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So, the other day I was visiting with an associate who is basically frustrated with their career, with their income, with their life, and with the "same ol' ways of doing things."  Does any of this sound familiar?

I believe we all get burned out and frustrated at times.  The difference is how we choose to react to the situation.  In a conference I attended a few days ago down in Covington, LA I heard a beautiful statement about one of the top agents in our company at the National level who said(and I'm paraphrasing here), that she loves when she gets frustrated and completely dissatisfied because that usually happens right before a major breakthrough in her business.

Now, let me start off by saying she is a master at self-mastery, which has led her on this amazing path many of us admire from a distance.  But to be quite honest, most of us are equipped with the same tools and natural abilities as she has.  Many of us have sat in the same training room she has.  So, what makes the difference between those that achieve at an incredibly high level, closing 100+ units or more and making high six figure or seven-figure incomes and the rest of us?  The answer is usually about mastery.  They have made the decision to 100%, with no questions asked, thrown their full heart and soul into mastering the models of a successful person.  They have decided.  They have commited.  They are passionate about where they are going and why it is so important they reach their goals.

So, when the rest of us get frustrated, and we want something new to work on because we are tired of the methods or results we are currently getting, my question back is always whether or not you have mastered the most basic fundamentals first?  Are your scripts nailed??  Are you time blocking massive amounts of hours for lead generation?  Is your presentation so smooth that you can say it in your sleep and handle any objection without even having to calculate a response?  If not, go back to the drawing board.  Get an accountability partner and role play.  I'd rather you practice on your colleague than on your client.  Once you master those then we will talk about the additional building blocks to take you to the next level through leverage, technology, team building, etc.

I know that most of us don't wake up in the morning incredibly excited about picking up the phone for 3 hours and calling on FSBO, expireds, or even our Sphere.  But that is what the best of the best are doing in this market.  So, try this:  think about what makes you happiest in the world.  Is it sitting on the beach with your spouse and children?  Is it traveling to little off-the-beaten-path Bed and Breakfasts?  Is it shopping on Rodeo?  Whatever it is, get in tune with that.  Make an emotional attachment to what makes you happier than anything else in this world.  Then, attach that visual to your lead generation efforts.  Understand that the more you master lead generation, the more you can do the 1 thing that makes you happiest.  Put a visual up on your wall of your attachment next to your prospecting mirror so you can see it next to your smiling face as you prepare to make the dials.  Then make your calls, be excited knowing that every dial you make gets you closer to achieving the finances and the freedom you are craving.

Always Remember, There Are No Limits!

Jeff Bonham 

Li Read
Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring) - Salt Spring Island, BC
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Excellent post, and a very timely "pep talk".    Hope everyone reads this.

Aug 04, 2009 07:49 AM