Many Real Estate Buyers Say, Don't Have Much Money But Just Want To Own Something In Maine.

Real Estate Agent with MOOERS REALTY ME Broker License 106759

As a rural Maine real estate broker for three decades, having a fully stocked property wagon is the key.

Themaine land map yellow brick road to real estate success. No need to wear a loud plaid jacket. If you have selection, fairly priced and market it properly, the property sells itself because you fit a need.

      There is no arm twisting. No black hat marketing games. No forcing anyone to do anything. No tricks. Just service and finding the property that works. The property fits, clicks, fills a real estate need. Done. There is compatibility.

     So with that in mind..Jimmy bring out our next real estate property candidate. You will either say "Hey Andy...Got the name of a qualified bull doze operator?" or "Can you spare a match..stand back." For $8900, you get a perfect home for the next Stephen King novel, movie. Watch the video. You have questions but the video shows you what this one is all about. Call us with those nagging questions..make a long list. That is why we are here. Really. 207.532.6573.

Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, Houlton ME

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