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What in the world is "BarCamp?" Why should you be there?

The first time I heard about a BarCamp was last year.  I drove down to one in Portland.  The all day conf was FREE and was focusing on social media.  My head was spinning as I left because it was so full with new information.  Then I was on the committee for the BarCamp in Seattle last September.  Over 450 professionals in the real estate industry attended! I market my business mor effectively online, made some incredible connections with others in the industry, and left with a powerful kick start to my busines.

Friday, March 19th Real Estate BarCamp is happening at the Seattle Center!  It is a FREE "unconference."  It is basically unplanned.  When you get there the schedule is created on the spot.  There are break out sessions run by the conference attendees.  The goal is to have involvement by everyone that attends.  The break out sessions will have lots of interaction.  You can even participate by helping to coordinate the sessions.

Here's the link to the blog!      http://rebarcamp.com/seattle/

We are thrilled that our Keynote speaker to get the day started is Jim Marks, Virtual Results, from Laguna Beach, CA.  He is one of the nation's online marketing expert for real estate!  He exudes passion and a unique insight for online social media.  He will get the day going and discuss how to tget the most out of BarCamp!

Register today!  It is FREE!  There will be dozens of break out sessions on just about any topic you can imagine for our industry!  You will connect with professionals from throughout our industry.  And you will walk away with information to help you build your business!  AND.... best of all ... I will be there!  Come chat with me!  I'll get you a coupon to save money on clockhours!

Email me if you have any questions... I really encourage you to come!

(Real Estate BarCamp follows the Pacific Northwest Summit on March 18. Sponsored by WAMB and WAR this conference brings together professionals in our industry.  The registration fee for it is only $59 if you register now.  http://www.pacificnwhousingsummit.com/ )


GARY DIGIORGIO -Denver- Arvada -Westminster
THE DIGIORGIO GROUP /(303) 898 - GARY (4279) - Westminster, CO
REOptions LLC

awe ..free....nothin for free is there??

Feb 10, 2010 03:55 AM
Natalie Danielson
Professional Direction - Kirkland, WA

Yes, Real Estate BarCamp Conference is FREE... The sponsorships pay for the location.  There will be a keynote speaker and then break out sessions all day March 19th. 

The Pacific NW summit has a small charge the day prior.

Real Estate BarCamps are happening all over the country with huge participation...

Feb 10, 2010 04:07 AM
Phil Leng
Retired - Kirkland, WA
Phil Leng - Retired

Hi Natalie,

You may have been the first one to alert me to this.

I hope to go this year (2011)



Feb 05, 2011 07:31 PM