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"Make the Price Compelling"

One of the most important words I read this past month came from Steve Harney's, Keeping Matters Current newsletter. It was the word "Compelling"

(The March issue)

House with Money




To all Realtors, please do your due diligence. Before you just take a listing, teach, and educate the Seller. They need to understand today's real estate market or you will be doing them a disservice.

Below are two real examples of mispriced properties, this past year. Use these or your own your own examples and include them in your listing presentation. Teach and educate them, and you will be recognized as a true professional.

Example 1: Chasing the Market

Listed in the: High 700,000's 2007 Expired

Listed in the Mid: 600,000's 2008 Expired

Listed in the Mid: 500,000's 2009 Expired




Example 2: Priced according to what the Seller wanted

Listed in the mid 700,000's spring 2009





Listed: in the high 500,000's fall 2009

Reduced to the mid 500,000's winter 2009

Don't price it competitive, price it compelling.


We need to re-tool our sales kit. If you are interested in being a part of a sales forum, and discussion about compelling pricing, you can contact me at 631-543-2009, or e-mail me at We can work together and help each other during these changing and challenging times.

Arthur Hasher

Exit Realty Achieve

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