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Dealing With Extreem Colors When Staging or "But I love my Turquoise Wall!"

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No, not my words....this was the delima  of a thirteen year old whose family's home I recently staged.

I believe a thirteen year old should have a turquoise wall if that is truly what she wants and it is at all possible. This young lady got her wish and she loved it. I will share with you that as a young bride I painted my kitchen cabinets the same brilliant orange as the landmark tower at "Six Flags Over Texas." It really did not turn out as badly as it sounds; however it is not something I would ever repeat.

Now back to the turquoise wall. Extreme color is a healthy sigh of self-expression. The key word here, of course, is "self". Extreme color is  such a personal choice, that though it may be perfect for living, it will not work for staging. Red dining rooms are probably more common than turquoise bedrooms, however in most cases changing the wall colors to a more neutral palette will please most buyers more often.

Speaking of red dining rooms, I staged a home with one last year. Because the home was in a culturally diverse neighborhood in Dallas, the firey red was fitting and we did not change it. Sometimes there are exceptions to the rule.

A lot of emotion can be attached to color and lighting. Extreemly deep shades can make a room feel much smaller than it actually is, and the dark color will  "eat up" the light in a room. And remember, buyers buy on emotion, so we don't want to trigger a negative feeling with our personal colors choices or very dark rooms.

We managed to change this young ladies room color and she got to keep the turquoise in her bed cover.

Following you can see the before and after pictures. Sorry the before does not show the entire room. Swine flu prevented me from taking the before picture, and I failed to instruct the Mom to take the picture from the doorway. As you can see, we also had to work on a clutter problem.

This family has moved on, and the daughter has informed me her new room will be all purple! Gotta love it!

before  after


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Have had many of the extreme walls myself. One lady sat on her bed and said "I am not painting this hot pink room, I am not painting this hot pink room." Okay I said, you'll get plenty of time to continue to enjoy it as you will probably be here a while!

Mar 25, 2010 10:41 AM