The Top Ten Things that Set Shane Cook, Chandler, AZ Realtor Apart from Other Realtors: Part Three

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The Top Ten Things that Set Shane Cook, Chandler, AZ Realtor Apart from Other Realtors: Part Three

Thank you for checking out parts one and two of the Top Ten Things that Set Shane Cook Chandler, AZ Realtor Apart from other Realtors.  Or maybe you only saw one of the previous blogs, there are links to them both at the end of this blog.

6.  Business owner  

I have been a successful business owner for nearly 15 years now, and not just with real estate-related ventures.  I have been and currently am involved in Network Marketing.  My wife and I have been in the restaurant business as a franchisee with multiple locations.  My broad range of experience has given me great insight about how to work successfully with people from all walks of life.

7.  I am a lifelong learner

In addition to my undergraduate degree in business management, I have studied personal finance extensively with the prestigious Rich Dad Team, am a long-term participant in the Strategic Coach entrepreneurial training program, and am always on the lookout for any continuing education classes that might help me deepen my understanding of the real estate industry. I am modest enough to admit that I don't know everything, which is why I am always trying to improve myself and learn as much about real estate as I can (so in a sense I guess you can say modesty did make the list).

8.  A strong sense of discipline

I compete regularly in triathlons, duathlons, and ½ marathons.  I have completed the 2006 Soma ½ Ironman, the 2007 Arizona Ironaman, and the 2010 Steelhead ½ Ironman as well as many other events which require intense and dedicated training. I bring this same dedication to all the tasks I undertake, most especially those connected to my work and the real estate-related services I provide for other people. This is what being a professional is all about.

9.  Internet presence

Since the beginning I have understood the importance of the internet, and if you google me you will find web listings, my Facebook page, my LinkedIn  page, my website, information about some of my business and personal pursuits, and much, much more. Thanks to the internet, I am not a hard man to find.  

You will also notice that all three parts of this blog were named slightly differently, this was not on accident.  When I market a home for sale it shows up on its own website, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Craig’s list, and many more.  When I blog about your property it will rank high for the terms we find appropriate for your home on Google, like “3 bedroom Ocotillo home” where a home I listed still ranks #3 and #5 when I search it.

The Top Ten Things that Set Shane Cook, Chandler, AZ Realtor Apart from Other Realtors: Part Three

10.  My commitment to customer service

All business owners and others who provide personal services at some point or another will pay homage to the importance of customer service. But the proof is in the pudding, and while I think my success in real estate speaks for itself, if you have the chance to speak to anyone who has used my services I think they will tell you that my commitment to meeting the needs of my clients is second to none. Even in tough times there are opportunities, and my specialty is helping my customers find the opportunities that fit their personal desires and needs.

In the end, it is up to you to decide if I am the one you would like to do business with. But if you do choose to contact me about the help I can provide and ultimately contract my services, I promise I will do my best to assist you in any way that I can. I really do love what I do, and that is probably the number one thing that has helped me find success in a highly competitive, ever-changing field.

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