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Close Encounters…of the best kind Wise Owl


In our everyday mingling with people outside our sphere of friends or family, it’s probable that you’ve overheard  disappointed or disgruntled  comments from someone who has “lost out” in their effort to either buy or sell real estate.

Often the comments are that “the Seller wouldn’t come down enough” or from the Seller’s point of view, “the cheapskate tried to lowball”. Neither party could nor would see their way clear to move forward, so all for naught. 

My personal thoughts are that a REALTOR® is a facilitator – bringing together a Buyer who wants to buy and a Seller who wants to sell. The process of bringing information, identifying for our client any perceived stumbling blocks, and offering a strong factual foundation upon which to base decisions, are some  preliminary steps,  which may lead to either the formulating of an Offer for a prospective Buyer or representing a Seller. 

It’s difficult to put oneself in the other person’s shoes, that is, see circumstances from the other side of the table. 

A prospective Buyer who heeds not the guidance and experience of their REALTOR® and instructs that the initial offer price be unreasonably low can find themselves in one of two positions… The door may be slammed on one’s foot with admonition from the Seller to “never let me see that name again” – or – open the door to negotiations. It sometimes doesn’t bode well if you’re cheap when you peep. 

The process of negotiating a satisfactory outcome is not a game by any means; it is a process however which involves two supposedly willing parties who ultimately want to exchange, for money or trade, title to a property. 

By keeping your eye on the ball, whether you’re a Buyer or a Seller, and “think fair and play square” the results can be a Close Encounter of the best kind!

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