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Making My Job Known: A Realtor's Perspective

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“How do I make my value known and understood?” This is a question Troy Patterson, an agent with Brandon Green Companies, asks himself on a near-daily basis when it comes to meeting new potential clients. “Most everyone can get the [same] information a Realtor finds online; my job is to find out the specific details of what they want in a home and why they want it,” Patterson said.

Patterson lists some of the things home buyers are typically interested in: information about neighborhoods, trends, schools, crime and economic development. He also explains that his job goes beyond just canvassing for properties and his ultimate goal as an agent is to make you [the buyer] feel comfortable that your home will gain value over the years and not depreciate.

“The four things that buyers look for most in an agent are knowledge, assertiveness, strong negotiation skills and most of all, honesty,” Patterson said.

“You’d think the last would be a given, but in many respects, people have such a negative opinion of REALTORS that their first belief is that my job is os to quickly sell a home.”

He follows up with, “that isn’t my job--my job is to consult in the purchase of THEIR home.” Patterson recalls some past transactions and is no stranger to odd and unique requests from clients viewing various homes.

“When we get odd requests, we delve into the reason since it’s never obvious,” said Patterson. “I remember one request about the feng shui of a house facing west; a house facing west is a belief that the homeowner will be more prosperous and ultimately showed they were fearful of losing money.”

No matter the type of information you as a buyer needs or a specific unheard of request, Patterson wants his clients or anyone else looking for a home to know his true role as a real estate agent in the Washington D.C. community. For more information on Brandon Green Companies or Troy Patterson, contact troy@brandongreen.com or visit WashingtonDCHomeSales.com to view our listings.