Do you have color in your yard for the Fall and Winter?

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Do you have color in your yard for the Fall and Winter?

Last rose of the season             Back yard hammock

My last rose is in bloom and it is time to take in the hammock.    

Trees turning colors             Patio in back yard


The trees are turning beautiful shades of gold, orange and red.  My bird house is vacant and leaves are starting to accumulate on the yard and patio.

However, as the leaves turn and fall, other trees and shrubs are starting to display their color and blooms.  When the landscape architect designed our yard, he made sure we had something in bloom or color all year long.  I realize if you live in the north, this may not be possible.

Camelia         Winter flowers

As you design and plant your landscape, think about trying to have color year round.  For those homes on the market right now, you may want to think about having pots of winter flowers or other winter hardy vegetation to add a little color for curb appeal.  If you are not sure what will survive in your area, talk to a local landscaper or nursery.  They will have suggestions that will give your home that added color and curb appeal even when everything else is turning brown (or white).

If you are not a do-it-yourself-er, then ask the nursery if they will arrange some containers for you.  Our friends at Patios In Bloom will do just that here in the Rocky Mount area.  As you find your containers and pots, remember to also consider how you will transport them there and back.

Red Maple

Whether it is shrubs and trees or containers and pots, have some color in your yard for this Fall and Winter.

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