Retirement - Not What I Expected at all!

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Retirement, not what I expected at all!

Hi, thought I would give you a little update on my ever changing life......As you may know, my husband retired on August will be a year next week!  So much has happened since that incredible day.

* We sold our home in Lakewood, CO
* We downsized and purchased a condo in Littleton, CO
* We traveled to Miami with our dog, Jake, where we flew to our home in St.Croix just in time for the Christmas boat parade
* We have spent the last 9 months getting our home back in shape including refurnishing, painting, installing a generator, major repairs to roof, etc.
* Em has set up a vacation rental for the apartment downstairs including a website to promote it
* Em has learned all about installing the hurricane shutters on the house as we are in hurricane season
* Jim has been in Colorado for the past 2 months overseeing repairs to the last of our rental properties which is currently on the market
*  Jake, our dog, likes to take naps on the cool tile floor and enjoys getting sprayed by the hose
* Emelyn now knows how to maintain the pool
* Emelyn has a complete understanding of "come soon" means sometine, whenevr, in the future...maybe.
* Jim has gone camping and done a lot of geological tours in Colorado.
* Emelyn is now the President of a new non-profit "Friends of the East End Marine Park" and one of her ongoing efforts includes monitoring turtle activity on Turner Hole of today, we have 41 nests!
* Jim has seen lots of movies
* Emelyn is going to be selling her photography in galleries on the island ---- 3 so far!
* Jake likes to eat people food
* Emelyn has been called for jury duty in Jefferson County so has to return to fulfill this obligation (not happy about this after just serving a full year on the grand  jury!)
*  Jim is enjoying the cool Colorado weather
* Emelyn is sweltering in the humid, high least I can jump in the pool!  Now that I have no renters, I can skinny dip.
* Jake continues to nap a lot!
*  Mail delivery does phone service.  I DO READ...probably 4 books a week.
* Emelyn is getting her Real Estate License in the Virgin Islands.....know anyone who wants to relocate or desires a second home, please have them contact me.....and I can help all family and friends on the mainland too...with my referral network!
So, I have probably shared way too much.  Please let know if I can be a resource....Colorado or the Virgin Islands!  
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Sondra Meyer:
EXP Realty, LLC - Corpus Christi, TX
See It. Experience It. Live It.

Sounds like your life is going well even if it isn't what you expected.  Congrats on getting the photography business up and running with sales already.  



Oct 02, 2016 02:57 AM
Gabe Sanders
Real Estate of Florida specializing in Martin County Residential Homes, Condos and Land Sales - Stuart, FL
Stuart Florida Real Estate

Hi Emelyn.  So, how is it going now?  It's been almost another year?

Apr 24, 2017 03:43 AM
Emelyn Morris-Sayre
The Berkshire Group - Lakewood, CO
CRS, REALTOR, Lakewood/Denver 303-517-5116

Good morning from St Croix!  A lot has happened during the past year between our home in Colorado, my real estate busines there and my time here on the rock.  You may want to check out my activerain page for St. Croix.  

Having been a REALTOR for over 20 years, I just couldn't stay away so I am now licensed here in the USVI and am associated with RE/MAX St. Croix.  Love showing off the island to prospective buyers....investors, relocations and people like me that want to retire in the Caribbean.


My photographs, canvases and greeting cards are selling well too.  I have several shows in the near future.

I am on the board of the Friends of the East End Marine Park serving as president this year and I am also on the board of the Grapetree Area Property Owners Association.  Staying busy is not a problem here.  Turtles are beginning to lay their eggs - leatherbacks, greens and hawksbills and I will be participating in monitoring a beach close to my home.

Hope everyone is doing well.  I so love playing in the Rain!!!!!


Apr 24, 2017 04:40 AM