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Have you started to think that you do not need all that square footage nor enjoy the work required to maintain a yard?  Perhaps you want to travel more, or have more time and money to enjoy some of your favorite activities.  More and more Americans are rethinking the need for a massive home.  There has been a trend recently to think that maybe we don't need all this stuff and don't need that much space.  In a condo you may be closer to mass transit and can save some money on auto expenses.   We all realize the traffit in Denver is getting worse every year and our roads are not likely to get any less congested.   You may be want to be freed financially from the costs of maintaining a large home and heating and cooling all the space.  So many Americans instead of moving up to a bigger space are downsizing instead.  

Downsizing isn't just for empty nesters or baby bookers anymore.  Homebuyers from all age groups are looking at moving to smaller spaces rather than always chasing that bigger and better home.  The appeal of having an easier life style, being closer to the downtown area or mass transit, and using less energy are features that may be attractive to anyone from millenials to seniors and anyone in between.

The Denver Business Journal recently ran an article regarding this downsizing trend, and cite findings from moving companies:

"As Americans move, they are transporting fewer items to their new homes as many choose to downsize their belongings, according to a new study that tracked average household moving weights for 2008.

The study was released by Mayflower Transit, a St. Louis-based mover.

Shipping weights have decreased for four consecutive years. The average household shipping weight in 2008 was 6,751 pounds, a 2 percent decrease from the 6,830 pounds recorded in 2007.

According to the study, the average moving weight has decreased by 10 percent since 1997, when the company began collecting information."

Feel free to go to our website Downsizing-in-Denver to look at the condos and townhomes that are currently for sale in the Denver Metro area.  

If you decide moving to a condo is right for you, we can help you find that perfect one for you.  We can also connect you with resources that can help you prepare for moving to a downsized home by assisting you with sorting through and selling off or donating unneeded household items.   Our team also can sell your current home quickly and at the right price.  

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