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TEAM Hughes Real Estate School is in its third week of a Real Estate Broker Course and to make the course as convenient as possible, we asked vendors to sponsor a dinner each night and to give a short presentation about their products and/or business.  Vendors are the bomb!  Without these vendors, TEAM Hughes could not accomplish such a successful broker course.  Historically, the school has presented this course only once a year and preparations for it are time-consuming at best.  To rely on vendors to help take the edge off can be a risk.


After the course is finished, TEAM Hughes plans to publish a Wall of Fame to give honor to each vendor who participated in sponsoring a dinner.  We want to do this for a couple of reasons.  Obviously, we want to thank them for their selfless sacrifice of giving personal time, efforts, and resources to bring in dinner for this class.  Some vendors are sponsoring two evenings just so they can get to know the class better.  We also want everyone to know who the vendors are and to encourage our students, former students, and the general public to use these vendors. 


As a former REALTOR®, I remember how important it was to build rapport with vendors so that my customers and clients would know they were in good hands using my approved vendors.  I always made sure that my list contained only the best vendors and I would gladly give the list to anyone who wanted quality service and professional representatives.  Vendors were my lifeline to great service and care for the sellers and buyers I cared about and worked closely with. 


If you have an opportunity to build a relationship with a vendor, do it.  It’s worth your time and effort to learn about different vendors, what they can and what they cannot do, how they charge, how quickly they deliver, what limitations they might have in certain circumstances.  I know some vendors who will take a new licensee by the hand and who will teach them what to expect at a closing, what red flags to look for in houses that need to be insured, when to be concerned about appliances, roofs, plumbing, etc.  The right vendors can make you look better.


I hadn’t thought much about us being a vendor until a local real estate company recently invited TEAM Hughes to its Vendor Appreciation Day.  As we contemplated whether we would attend, we became aware of the need for real estate agents to know about us.  We want to be their school vendor!  TEAM Hughes works diligently to help its students get their real estate license, accomplish their post license education, to keep up with their continuing education, and then, only for the cream of the crop, we help select students achieve their real estate broker license.  Yes, we are vendors, and we hope you will consider using us as your real estate school of choice.  We will try to make you proud, so if you know someone who needs us, please let them know about us.  They can find us on the web – TEAM Hughes Real Estate School – the best in Pensacola.

Anthony Acosta -
Harry Norman, REALTORS® - Atlanta, GA
Associate Broker

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Nov 01, 2017 04:08 AM
Carrie Hughes

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Nov 01, 2017 06:13 AM
Shahar Hillel
Encino, CA
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Sounds lilke a great marketing way for vendors.

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Nov 08, 2017 10:21 AM
Carrie Hughes

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Nov 08, 2017 11:35 AM
Michael Elliott
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At the end of the day, is there anything better than free food?

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