Blogging Is Confusing!

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Blogging confuses me. I mean I love it to death but it has caused such a huge identity crisis because I'm blogging about a bunch of different journeys I'm going through and I'm growing and changing so much. 


It's so challenging to pinpoint exactly what I do and don't, or will and won't cover on my blog. And to what extent. 


In the beginning, I "threw spaghetti at the wall". I wrote about how I quit my job and shared some information about how others can do it too and that got great attention and a bunch of questions. People vibe with me talking about that... cool...


I wrote about the journey from drinking in moderation at first to quitting drinking for 100 days and the response was overwhelmingly great there too. 


But I've also been overweight and began gaining weight since I quit dancing. Once I tried intermittent fasting and shared my week one, week two and week three results and even those got wild attention. So I continued sharing what I've learned about my journey and continue doing experiments to yes -- lose the weight myself -- but also have more to share. 


I guess my blog is more of a lifestyle blog in a sense that it covers many topics? I wasn't going to really focus on making money online, but at this point it's not even something I'm promoting hard and people keep asking me for more about it. I feel like if you want to be successful at anything you do, you have to GIVE before you RECEIVE. Like for real... who am I NOT to share the best of myself and the top, most life-changing information of what I've learned with others? Why should I receive the success and wealth I desire if I'm too chicken to first GIVE? 


It's a blessing to have three topics and journeys that I know well in-depth that people want to learn and read about. It's a good problem to have. But the identity crisis! 


Just two weeks ago I wanted to be like "Women's Health Mag" or "Cosmopolitan" and just write cute, fluffy, "poppy" pieces. I wanted to pull all my pics off my site (within reason -- can't really do that with before & after weight loss) and just be "cute"? And talk about all issues women might be interested in. I was going to write fluffy articles about beauty, health, relationships, dating, sex, self-care... probably even horoscopes you know... blah blah. Stuff that is popular on BuzzFeed and such. But today I feel totally different. 


First of all, writing that content is harder because I have to research. I notice when I write about what I've learned or how I naturally do thing or my own experience, the words flow effortlessly. I cranked out a 2,500 word piece on Intermittent Fasting Mistakes last week in less than an hour. I know this is because it was 100% in my brain. I know the subject well, feel like I can absolutely advise people on it, and can write as though I'm talking to a friend. It's SO easy when it comes from the heart. When it's authentic and real it's almost like it's ABOVE me. So... my blog's personality might be shifting yet AGAIN. 


I'm 6 months in and still figuring out what the Sober Alley blog is really all about. But I think deep down inside I know it's supposed to be the best of what I have to offer and that's focusing on three niches, but going very, very deep into each one. 

Sigh... so... here we go. Maybe another 6 months but this time with more focus and direction. Sobriety. Weight Loss. Making Money Online. 


I'm going to revamp my site to accomodate a section for that, create a separate business account on Pinterest to focus 100% on financial topics, get more mailing list opt-ins together and go just as hard with this niche as the other two! A wild ride got even wilder, but I love the thrill of the chase. 


More in a week when I'm totally burnt out (again). 



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