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Private Commercial Loan Programs are available and of various loan terms from bridge financing to longer term notes, fixed and adjustable rates, with interest-only payment options for owner-occupied and investment properties. These programs need full documentation but the underwriting process is not defined by strict DSCR, Cap Rate, or FICO score minimums. Today, these loans must have a "make sense" feel to them for qualified borrowers who cannot meet the overly conservative conventional financing market.
Underwriting Access and Relationships. We have access to over 15 life insurance companies and other institutional lenders, such as hedge funds and REITs. Our principals have produced loans with these lenders, in many cases, stretching over 30 years and are considered a reliable source and maintain long-term relationships with all relevant capital sources on the basis of competency, quality and transparency throughout the loan process.

Tier A Properties - Multifamily, Retail, Office, Hospitality, Medical/Dental, Industrial
Tier B - Warehouse, School, Restaurant, Self-Storage, Day Care, Auto Related


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