How To Raise Your Vibration (And Manifest MUCH Faster)

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How To Raise Your Vibration & Manifest Faster

If you want to manifest your dream life, the good news is there are many law of attraction exercises and tools you can try. But, there's just one problem. When you want to manifest something -- especially very badly -- you probably are experiencing a gap between where you are now and where you'd like to go. 

This gap can cause distress, desparation and other generally low vibrational energy that can actually keep you from receiving anything good.

You can't manifest something positive from a negative space. 

So what do you do? 

If life is hitting you hard, or you just have a bad day, there are tons of ways you can raise your vibration. Here are three of my personal favorites. 


1- Raise Your Vibration By Caring For Your Body

It probably goes without saying but I'm guilty of this myself. Wanting to manifest something good and feeling like crap because I haven't cared for my body as well as I should. 

You are what you eat, drink and do. So if you feel kinda icky and have been eating tons of processed food, drinking too much alcohol, not getting enough rest or exercise, start there!


2- Try Scripting To Raise Your Vibration

One of my favorite quick methods of raising my vibration is to write a quick letter to the universe about how I want to feel -- but I write it as if I already feel that way. 

For example, if you're nervous about a job interview and need to calm down to manifest the job, you might first prep for the interview -- of course. But then take out a pen and paper and write a letter describing how amazing you feel because you are so confident you're going to get the job. Write about how you can't wait to get in there and tell them how great of a candidate you are, and how impressed you know they'll be by your presence. Or you could take it a step further and write about how you aced the interview. You can say "I just walked out of my interview and I nailed it! They loved me and thought I'd be the perfect fit. I'm so happy" etc... It's your call, but trust me -- either way this will raise your vibration, boost your confidence, and help your manifestation come your way! 


3- Allow The Negative Emotions To Flow

Finally, nobody is 100% happy all the time. Life hits hard at times and fake positivity, "good vibes only" does you more harm than good. 

I suggest you allow yourself to feel all the feels, but put a time limit on it. 

I like 10 to 15 minutes. 

Set a timer, then cry, whine, dump all your emotions out on to a piece of paper then destroy it once the time runs out. 

After time's up -- promise to do mood-elevating activities. 

If you need to do this multiple times in one day, that's totally fine. Do it as much as you need. 

The trick is by setting aside time for it, then cutting it off, you remain in control of the emotion -- not letting the emotion be in control of you! 

That control makes all the difference in the world. It's a healthy way to be a feeling, living human being who goes through ups and downs. And it frees up emotional energy for you to increase your frequency and align more with what you want to attract -- even when life gets hard. 

I hope these tips gave you some insight on how to help draw more of your desires your way. 

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Happy manifesting!


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