Buyers Need Home Office

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With the increasing need for more people to work from home, this creates an increasing need for office space within the home.  The need has been created as a result of increase drive time to work, amount of traffic on the roadways, and such things as the COVID-19 pandemic.  Currently, many homeowners already have an office within their home.  These homeowners either have a formal office, work from their dining room table, or sofa, etc.  Home builders and homeowners remodeling their home realize there is an increasing need for office area within the home.  Sometimes this is a challenge when remodeling existing house to find a private area away from high traffic area.   This is needed sometimes to secure a computer with strong Wi-Fi connection, and comfortable working area.  A strong Wi-Fi connection is very important.  The router needs to locate very close to your work computer, not separated by walls, and duct work, etc.  In addition, some people may need to replace your router with new router that has greater capability.  If you do not currently have a dedicated area for an office within your home, consider converting a spare bedroom, dining room, den, or even an outside shed into an office.  Another consideration when selecting a space, decide whether you want to be near family, or need a quiet area while working.  When setting up your office space be sure to pay attention to lighting.  Make sure light fixtures are properly placed to avoid eyestrain from glare from computer screen.  Lighting should come from multiple sources: outside, overhead and desk lamp.  Also, you need to keep your office efficient and safe by correctly arranging your desk, chair, computer and phone.  This will allow you to more productive and prevent possible injury.

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