How to stop 4c hair from breaking

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Are you looking for advice on thinning natural hair? Then this post about how to stop 4c hair from breaking is for you. 


Before my big chop in February I was very familiar with hair breakage and shedding. Whenever I would wash and comb my hair, I would lose so much hair. 


This was due to excessive hair styling on my part. From braids to cornrows to wigs and because I didn’t know much better. 


I was in love with the different protective hairstyles for 4c hair which would require me to manipulate my hair a lot. I often had to stretch or even straighten my hair and would use products and tools that were not good for my hair. 


Moreover, I would shampoo my hair a lot in order to get the styling products out. And even though I made sure to (deep) condition it afterward, my hair started to become very dry and frizzy and eventually break off. 


To make a long story short, all that contributed to my hair loss and my decision to cut it all off. 


Once I went through with my big chop I was able to give my hair a fresh start. And 5months in I can already tell the difference. My hair is thicker, much stronger, and my edges have even grown back. 


And here are some of the ways I was able to stop my 4c hair from breaking:


Moisturizing my hair regularly

Keeping natural hair moisturized is the most important part of healthy 4c hair. You can do that by deep-conditioning it at least twice a month, co-washing it in between shampoo wash, and implementing a daily moisturizing routine that works for you. 


Putting it into protective hairstyles

As I mentioned above, manipulating your hair too often will lead to a lot of hair shedding and breakage. Therefore, you want to wear protective styles that don’t require much manipulation and are more long-term. Some of those are Braids, faux-locks, cornrows, and more. These keep your natural hair all tucked away for a few weeks and don’t require extensive detangling or combing. All you need to remember is to moisture your scalp. 


Deep-condition regularly

My favorite part of my 4c hair routine is deep-conditioning. It’s like a mini vitamin boost for your hair and will leave it looking smooth and shiny. By deep-conditioning your hair regularly you make sure that your hair receives all the nutrients and moisture it needs for optimal growth. 

The minimum I suggest you deep-condition your hair is every other week. You can do it after you shampoo wash to counteract the dryness. 


Each of these steps will stop your hair from breaking and allow you to take good care of your natural 4c hair. 


Of course, what works for my hair might not work for yours, so you have to be willing to try out different hair regimens. Learn about the best ways to handle your natural hair, by looking at pages such as


If you notice that your hair keeps breaking than assess your routine and the products you use. I speak from experience, that sometimes you are allergic to ingredients that are heavily recommended and need to find an alternative. 


Therefore, experiment with extra measures to avoid your 4c hair from breaking. 




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