North Cape May - A Local's View

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North Cape May is a great place to live.  I can attest to that, as I've called it home for the last 10 years.  I'm raising my family here.  I work here.  I expect to be here for a long time!

Don't confuse my town with Cape May, which is much more well known.  Although I used to live in Cape May for 10 years and absolutely love both areas, they are extremely different.  Cape May has the bigger name and the smaller year round population.  It is on an island and has beaches with beach tags.  It's primary industry is tourism, and the summertime population swells to six figures.  It has night life and famous restaurants.

North Cape May (NCM) is the less famous cousin which is on the mainland side of the Cape May Canal.  It is a residential community which is part of Lower Township. Lower is the most populated township in Cape May County.   NCM borders on the Delaware Bay, and the beaches are clean and serene, even in the summer.  You are allowed to bring your dogs to the beach...leash required.  Beach tags are not needed.

If you've ever traveled in South Jersey you've probable seen those signs for the Cape May - Lewes Ferry.  The Ferry terminal for departure to Delaware is located in NCM.  It is one of the finest facilities of it's type in the USA.  It is probably the area's best kept secret.  A brand new terminal was built only about 4 years ago and it is spectacular.  It's a great place to just go to relax and take in the scenery. The views from the Sunset Lounge on the 2nd floor are second to none in the entire county.

One of the most attractive attributes of NCM is that Real Estate is reasonably priced, especially compared to the barrier islands.  Please contact me if you need additional information. 




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