Why does mold grow?


Most Common Reasons for Mold to grow

  • Inadequate or blocked/partially blocked ventilation openings.

  • Inadequate levels of insulation.

  • Water leaks (roof and plumbing)
  • Bathroom exhaust fan discharging into attic or soffit.

  • Excessive number of stored items in attic.

  • Non-insulated attic scuttle/pull-down staircase/ walk up staircase door.

  • High interior humidity levels.

  • Presence of whole-house fan.

  • Presence of Air Conditioning evaporator in attic.

  • Presence of non-insulated sheet metal ductwork in attic.

  • Other, uncorrectable factors include - orientation of home and/or sections of roof.

  • (north, south, etc) , location of home (woody areas can have a much higher.

  • airborne spore level), and number of occupants in home.



When Should you Consider Hiring a Mold Assessor

  • To determine if mold is in fact growing in your home.

  • Before you purchase a home or investment property and wish to identify if mold is a pre-existing issue.

  • You smell a moldy or musty odor and cannot locate the source.

  • You suspect mold but do not see any visible mold growth.

  • Residents of your home experience mold exposure related symptoms (headaches, breathing difficulties, congestions, skin or eye irritation, allergic reactions) without a known cause.

  • After any flooding or water damage event.

  • You find a water leak that has been active for more than 24 hours.

  • Unusual stains appear on furniture or building material.

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