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These are the creative writings of Craig Schiller, a home stager, professional real estate marketing "guru" and founder of the Real Estaging, one of the nation's leading home staging companies.



Last Friday, I happened to be contacted by the Chicago Tribune to discuss something that coincidentally had been on my mind for quite a few days. For days now I could not stop thinking about the recent report published by the National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents (NAEBA) entitled: "How ...
Home Stagers understand that the time spent a home buyer spends touring a home is relatively short. Experienced stagers rely on techniques and practices that will HELP maximize what a buyer sees and experiences in a property in that relatively short time taken to tour it. The best home stagers kn...
Being that I work in an industry that CREATES first impressions, I am a stickler for how end results look. This coupled with the fact that I worked in graphic arts, print media and advertising for years... I am passionate about how an advertising "message" is crafted AND presented. Whether the "m...
Just a quick update...This past August 4th the Stage It Forward (SIF) widget was created & released.Since then, I am happy to report, it has been doing well and is attracting a nice amount of attention in the way of clicks. 2,176 clicks to be exact!Considering it is just the first 10 days this is...
Who says blogging on Real Estate industry topics does NOT get you noticed?This is a tale that stresses the importance of and reason for finding your own blog voice and sharing your own voice. Recently, I was approached by Design Talk, an amazingly popular on-line consumer oriented design site, wi...
With Stage It Forward on the Go and on the Grow... I thought it might be good to have yet another new FREE "toy" for members to use to show their affiliation to one of the busiest groups on Active Rain.This new "toy" is a custom widget... which is a little tool that you can add to any blog or web...
This week I sought out the words of another to help put into context the fact that someone felt slighted by my actions... or rather the lack of. I've come to know that we all are learning, and adapting and growing beings. Sometimes it takes time for our actions to catch up to our learning. And, u...
One of the things that makes Stage It Forward such a thriving and active group here in the Rain is the fact that the Moderator position is passed to someone new each month. Each month what is featured in the group as the "best to be read" for the day is selected by a different person with a diffe...
With more and more stagers entering the industry... I think it is important that they get a real understanding as to just what it takes to run a staging business.Many stager's have been coached to stage with what the seller already has in the way of furnishings and decorative accessories (props)....

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