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NOW, it is the time to bring exceptionalism into the world of Real Estate advertising. Far better than the virtual tour, my Real Estate Showcase Slideshows, produced by Memories DVDs, will showcase your property listings in a way a virtual tour simply cannot do! Both sellers and buyers will be thoroughly impressed when they see their home, or the home of their dreams, showcased on your website in such a professional and sophisticated way. I am an avid nature and wildlife photograper, and my blog will feature many of these photos and slideshows.



  How To Create an Action For Your Watermark -                                                or anything else you do on a repetitive basis in Photoshop. Creating an 'Action' in Photoshop is a method that allows you to quickly and easily reproduce something you do on a regular basis, without havi...
                                          Bone Town   Sure is quiet here. Sign says the town was founded in the 1880's. Where is everybody? Old cabins dotted here and there. Some bigger buildings too. What does that one say? Town Hall. Been empty a very long time. Wish I'd brought a coat. Wind's ...
No! I don't mean Virgo, you September babies! Thought it was a typo, didn't you? LOL No, this post is about Virga which is a weather phenomenon we often see, sometimes as a spectacular display. I was on the Eastern plains of Colorado recently, and was completely taken by the clouds that formed on...
Hello My Friends! Many of us who participate in Wordless Wednesday, Speechless Sunday, and Friday Fotos have been posting our photos WITH commentary to these groups for lack of a better place to post them. Now, we have a new group - the "Active Rain Photo Blogger Group" in which to post our creat...
                                            An Option for Discouraging Photo Thieves Zillions of photographs are posted to the web every day, and many of those are stolen and used by others on their blogs or websites. We've all read that even if you buy a photograph, you can't be absolutely sure ...
                This is the image most of us conjure up when we think of a wolf. An evil beast that howls at the moon in the night, amber eyes watching from the woods, sending chills down our spines.  But, unlike humans, wolves kill only to eat. Wolves in the wild are afraid of us, and will do ev...
  First, they get you down on the ground,   Once on the ground,         You're fair Game!       Anything to get the Shot!    
Fauna & Flora International, a non-profit, conservationist magazine based in Britain, contacted me a few months ago about using one of my photos for their upcoming annual publication. They were doing an article on endangered and threatened gorillas. Two days ago, I got my copy of the magazine! I ...

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