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I just leased 15,000sf to System 3 Inc http://www.system3inc.com/ in the northeast corner of the first floor fo the former Wall Manufacturing Facility.  They will be storing transmission lines as they start working their contract with ONCOR http://www.oncor.com/electricity/transmission/crez/proje...
  http://www.texasrebusiness.com/articles/AUG09/cover2.html Great article to read here.  Having a great diversity in industry will keep us afloat here in abilene with all oars in the water.  Too much dependency on any one of the sectors, i.e. Medical, Military, Manufacturing, could leave us stran...
 Top 20 Retail  As of July 7, 2009 The Green Power Partnership works with a wide variety of leading organizations - from Fortune 500 companies to local, state and federal governments, and a growing number of colleges and universities. The following Top Partner Rankings highlight the annual green ...
This report leads me to question whether Abilene has adequate rails spurs or if there needs to be an investigation into the availablity of additional rail.  Crystal City Railroad company has told me that they can add spurs in most industrial areas.  The amount of use and payload to be used on a n...
This is a great example of diversifying your industry and keeping on the leading edge of innovation.  The city and DCOA are to be recognized for their continued progress with seeking beneficial opportunities that are positively impacting the community and its residents. Erik Johnson DCOA taking a...
Check out the World's #1 Renewable Energy Network! http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/assets/newsletter/wind.html If you have an interest in renewable energy, i have not found a more concise source for such a broad overview. check it out for yourself. Erik

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