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Ok people.....   here is my spin on what is needed to be done today by the Fed.I think the real estate / mortgage world is in need of a major shot of adrenaline. The real solution will arrive when the market starts turning upward yet again. In the meantime however, I think the Fed needs to inject...
I wrote a blog recently concerning how creditors such as Dell are redlining mortgage industry professionals.   I had a huge response to that blog - mostly via email as opposed to comments on AR. Upon checking my mail yeste...
Sure we are smack dab in the midst of the gloom and doom era in the mortgage / real estate business, but some very strange things are taking place. The big players seem to be folding in their tents and becoming either retail or wholesale focused. The middle size guys - well, they seem to have bee...
  CLICK BELOW LINK This to me should be the biggest news off the mortgage press in some time. Bank of America always had great pricing and efficient service as a wholesale channel. This news comes as some have predicated. The big ...
I get a letter the other day from Dell Business Credit. It was not a typical bill envelope so I anticipated it to be yet another solicitation. The content of this letter had me reading it over and over again. It read something like this --           Due to the volatility of the mortgage industry ...
I have been working with this customer in particular for a few months. During his divorce 2 years ago, he left and had the wife live in their home and pay the mortgage. Well, he found out she didn't pay and his home went into foreclosure. He claims because she lived there she was responsible. He ...
It is essential that you understand when you see an ad in the paper or online that is not an actual mortgage company, it is actually a lead generating service. Almost daily I receive phone calls from prospective clients that say, “I saw this rate on”, or “lending tree is offering th...
I am ready to launch an online marketing campaign and I have a few questions to offer up to fellow Rainers. AR, google and yahoo have produced some business but I really believe now is the time to own my market ...   mainly because nobody is left....  I am considering the local newspapers website...
  Ok everyone -  I am dead set to out do my colleague Ralph Nudi -   How I got 500 comments on my AR BLOG POST in 3 days.Ralph Nudi dang gone it!  If he can pull it off - I can too!  Ralph was looking for a bit of self indulgence and he topped that 500 point mark. Please view his blog and make a ...

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