windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Building- The Hurricane Is Over, But Is There Roof Damage You Can’t See? - 11/08/17 01:47 PM
Have You Checked Your Roof After Hurricane Season?
So Central Florida dodged the bullet when Hurricane Irma came to town but did your home sustain roof damage you can’t see from standing on the ground? The storm wasn’t too bad and it sure could have been a lot worse!
Probably, like me, you walked around your home and did a damage assessment the morning after. Everything looked good, other than a bunch of landscaping debris and perhaps a few branch from your neighbors, oak tree. Frankly, I was just too busy cleaning up the debris over the next few weeks to … (0 comments)

windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Building- Driverless Cars Change Everything! - 10/24/17 02:45 PM
Driverless Car Are Going To Have A huge Impact On Homebuilding
How will things change?
Homes without garages.  The death of light rail systems.  City parking garages will no longer be necessary.  Will you be ready for all the changes wrought by new driverless technology?
Read More- Driverless Cars Change Everything
Have an awesome day!

windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Building- Lessons From Hurricane Irma - 09/25/17 02:10 PM
Above tree was not properly thinned out prior to the hurricane and sustained extensive damage
Are you prepared for the next hurricane to hit central florida?
Now that the dust has settled in the Central Florida area, what new lessons did we learn or old lessons reinforced by the recent hurricane?
Irma sustained winds were only 60mph but wind gusts were as high as 80mph. If you lived lived through the storm it felt like the storm was more powerful than just a category 1 hurricane. Perhaps, it was just because Irma hit the Orlando area at night, in the dark? Things are … (2 comments)

windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Building- Lanai Storage, Is That An Important Feature? - 09/04/17 10:59 AM
Outside, Lanai, Storage, One Of The most Overlooked Central Florida, Home Features!
A great Custom Home includes so may of the features normally overlooked in production homes. Outside storage is just one of them. So what's the big deal? Production Builders are obsessed with doing everything they can to drive down the price per square foot of living area. That mean cutting down or eliminating any areas that are not air conditioned. That's why the garages are just barely adequate in size. Frankly, you better measure your car and then check the size of the garage in the model to make sure … (3 comments)

windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Building- Is An Outside Shower A Good Idea? - 08/30/17 09:05 AM
Should I Install An Outside Shower On My New Custom Home?
Absolutely! Over the years I find outside showers are normally a last minute decision. The home is already under construction and suddenly the idea of an outside shower comes up. The man remembers, after working in the garden, showering off before plunging into the pool is a great idea! The women remembers the chlorine creates issues with her new hair coloring and turns her hair green. The mom decides, having the kids shower outside after swimming in the pool is way better than cleaning up after them in an inside bathroom. 
There … (2 comments)

windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Building- Underground Power And Hurricanes, Is It Important? - 08/26/17 12:27 PM
Why Having Underground Power To Your Home Is Important During And After A Hurricane?
You want to build a new home and can't decide where you want to live? You or a family member may have health issues and having a consistent source of power is perhaps a life or death issue? There could be a number is reasons why a reliable power source to your new custom home is important to you. If that's the case, better think carefully about where you choose to live.
I live in a 43 home community in the Central Florida area and almost never loose power. … (0 comments)

windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Building- Are All Soil Tests Basically The Same? - 08/22/17 11:04 AM
If Soil Tests Are Basically The Same, Then Doesn't It Make Sense To Get The Cheapest One?
I've been building homes for over 30 years and reviewed a lot of soil tests. Usually, the current Owner receives one from the prior lot Owner or gets one done before I enter the picture. I look it over and basically review the test summary to see if it says, there is unsuitable soil present. 
Frankly, it's not my lot, I was not involved in the soil test purchase and even if I recommend another test just to be sure, the Owner doesn't want to spend … (0 comments)

windermere custom home builders: How To Maintain The Stucco On My Custom Home? - 08/21/17 12:35 PM
Custom Homes- How To Maintain The Stucco On The Exterior Of My Home?
Stucco is the exterior finish material of choice in Central Florida. It’s attractive, low maintenance and it lasts for years. Since most homes are primarily constructed of concrete block applying stucco over the block is a compatible material and cost effective.
Like most things in life, a stucco finish requires care and maintenance. Frankly, home maintenance is something most homeowners fail to do with expensive repairs being the end result.
Stucco should be cleaned 1-2 times per year with a spray hose, working from bottom to top to avoid … (1 comments)

windermere custom home builders: ustom Home Building- Can I Have 2 Kitchens In My Home? - 08/18/17 01:09 PM
Can I Have Two kitchens In My Single Family Home?
So what’s the big deal about having a 2nd kitchen in my home? Sounds simple enough until you talk to the “Zoning Department”, that’s when the drama starts. Most zoning departments won’t approve building plans for a singe family home that contains a second kitchen because the property is zoned for a single family residence and not multi family. Their afraid your going to rent out space to a 2nd family in your million dollar home  Lol  
Many, Zoning Departments rule that an additional kitchen signifies a multi family residence. Breakfast bars … (0 comments)

windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Building- Garage Right or Left, Does It Make A Difference? - 07/31/17 02:08 PM
Should I Design My Custom Home With The Garage On The Right Or Left?
Garage left or right on the front elevation and does it matter? It sure does!
First impressions are always a big deal and you only have one chance for a great first impression. Imagine your guests are arriving for your house warming party, they stop at the gatehouse and the security guard provides directions to your home. Your house guests wind their way through the maze of streets and finally arrive at your address. The very first view of your home they see is your garage. … (0 comments)

windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Building- Porcelain vs Ceramic Tile, What’s The Difference? - 07/31/17 01:51 PM
Custom Home Building- Porcelain vs Ceramic Tile, What’s The Difference?
The word porcelain, often conjures up images of grandma’s old, white, porcelain, kitchen sink. The one where she had to use “Comet” to get the scratches and stain out of. The same sink you swore would never have in one of your homes! Well, porcelain tile is noting like grandma’s old kitchen sink! Todays, porcelain tile, is made from a more dense clay than ceramic tile. It’s tougher, more scratch resistant, more durable, more resistant to stains and the color is from top to bottom, not a thin glaze on … (0 comments)

windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Building- Is Talking To The Neighbors Before You Buy Important? - 07/21/17 10:47 AM
Is It Important To Speak With The Neighbore Before You Buy Real Estate?
You bet it is! Noisy neighbors and alternative lifestyles is one thing but it can go much further than that!
A year ago, I was contacted by a recent lot purchaser that wanted me to build a Custom Home for them. After some preliminary investigation, it was determined, a standard septic system would not be possible for this property. Even a raised drainfield was not going to be acceptable to the Health department. So, months later, after applying for a variance with the State of Florida we were granted permission … (0 comments)

windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Building- What Does A Home Built For The Florida Lifestyle Look Like? - 07/06/17 12:01 PM

A Custom Built Home For The Florida Lifestayle!
This is a one of a kind, custom Home, designed specifically for a lot owner.
4 car garage and an additional boat garage. 
Over 10,000 SF of living area. 
$2,000,000 +
6 1/2 baths.
Six bedrooms.
Caters kitchen and pantry.
Kitchen and great room with seating for 30+.
Pool and spa.
Lake views.
Eat in island kitchen.
Mud room.
Bar lounge.
Master suite.
Summer kitchen.
Home theater.
Second floor balcony deck.
Two-story master closet.
Now, that's what I call a home designed for the Florida Lifestyle!
Have an awesome day!

windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Building- Preventing Lightning Power surges! - 07/03/17 08:28 AM
Whole House Electrical Surge From Lightning Strikes, What You May Be Doing To Encourage Them, And What Can I Do To PREVENT A Power Surge?
They say Central Florida is the Lightning Capital of The World! I'm not sure that's true but we sure do get a lot of lightning strikes! Unfortunately, most homeowners get their education regarding power surges and lightning after their home get hit with a power surge that knocks out thousand of dollars worth of electronic gear.
You may be doing something that encourages a whole house power surge! If you have an electronic dog collar system, … (9 comments)

windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Building- Master Suite On 1st or 2nd Floor? - 06/29/17 08:07 PM
Should I Design My Home With The Master Suite On the 1st Or 2nd Floor?
Sounds like a pretty straight forward question, master suite up or downstairs? Your decision may not be important in the short run but when you are ready to sell your home, it's going to make a big difference.
If you ask a Central Florida Realtor they will say, position the master suite on the first floor unless there is a compelling reason to put it on the second floor. By compelling reason, they mean, a spectacular view like a lake or something like that.
Why, because most buyers … (3 comments)

windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Buidling- Radiant Barrier, Save $$$ On Your Power Bills - 06/16/17 07:29 AM
Radiant Barriers, A Cheap Way To Save Money On Your Electric Bill!
Of course, the devil is always in the details!
What's a radiant barrier? You've seen them on astronaut space suits or in science fiction movies. A foil like material that either keeps things cold or hot. The material is used on coolers and emergency blankets to keep people warm too.
It's a reflective material that is used in home construction to reflect the suns radiation away from your home. It's a material that will help keep your home cool in the summer time but like I said, the devil is in the … (0 comments)

windermere custom home builders: Dad Story, Fixing TV's and Radio's- Happy Father's Day! - 06/15/17 10:09 AM
Dad Story Fixing TV's and Radio's:
Dad was always trying to make things better for the family. Being a Sanitation Man, he had many opportunities to pick up "treasures" on his route. This was a time before recycling, garage sales and flee markets. If you no longer had use for an item or it was broken, you gave it to a family member or threw it away. Hughie, always had his eye out for a "gently used" item the family could use or resell for a few extra bucks. The garbage men called the ill gotten items "Mungo".
Dad had a soft spot … (3 comments)

windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Building- Where Are The Gutters On My Central Florida Home? - 06/08/17 07:28 AM
Do I Need Gutters On My Windermere, Florida New Custom Home?
One of the first things that people notice about homes when they move down from up north, homes in Florida don't normally have gutters and downspouts. Why is that? The short answer, the ground in Florida never freezes.
Gutters and frozen ground may seem unrelated but it's right on target. It's important to keep water away from the footings of the home. When rainwater gets below the footing and freezes it will heave the foundation of the house, right out of the ground. Gutters and downspouts are designed to keep … (0 comments)

windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Building- Which Type Of Garage Position Is Best? - 05/26/17 01:44 PM
Garage door facing the street, front side entry, motor court or side entry. Which type is best?
Garage Door Facing The Street:
I would consider this the worst garage door positioning for a home. The garage door itself is an unattractive feature of a home. This can be minimized by the type of door selected and how it’s painted. Accentuating the garage door is one of the worse things to do. Some Owners choose to paint the door a contrasting color which draws even more attention to the garage. It’s better to down play the garage door instead. Additionally, a street … (0 comments)

windermere custom home builders: Custom Home Building- New Tesla Solar Roofing Products, Game Changer! - 05/17/17 06:28 AM
New Tesla Roofing Products Produce Energy And Saves Money!
For those of you familiar with my blog, I’m usually skeptical of fantastic claims made by energy companies. Many claim fantastic results with little to back them up. No matter the claim, it most often comes down to substantiated payback period. How quickly, can a homeowner break even and start saving money. Most of my homebuyers ask, Mike, how much green can you put into my pocket”!
Tesla’s new roofing products are a game changer because the solar element is incorporated into the roofing product itself instead of being a separate element … (2 comments)

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