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Real Estate Agent - RE/MAX EXECUTIVE - 224284
Sandy Aichner McAlpine is Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Executive in the Lake Norman NC area. Lake Norman is located just north of Charlotte, NC.



Hey! This sounds like ME. What a great blog post. It takes all of these to be a successful agent and to have happy clients in the end! Before Christmas I posted a blog about a show we did in the SWS Virtual Studio called "Are You the Best Real Estate Agent You Know?" In that blog, I described thr...
You have to just LOVE Dan for posting this. I couldn't agree with #4 and #5 even MORE! How I have learned those lessons every year, over and over again. Oh, and LOVE number 6 and wish it happened more often! I call that a "freebie".Here we are at the end of the year. It’s always a good time to si...
This is a reblog from Dave Francis at Shannon Escrow. He really pointed out a lot of great things we should be thankful for and learn from, going into the New Year! Let's all LEARN some lessons and not get too stressed out!2011 was not my favorite year to date, but I learned some valuable life le...
It's really incredible what lengths some home owners will do to "patch" something up quickly. A lot of these are older homes. Don't let this happen to you! Hire a contractor!I post a new home inspection photo on the Structure Tech Facebook page six days a week, and this year I decided to put toge...

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