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520-909-2988 I love my job! It’s truly a joy helping people like you with buying and selling real estate. I firmly believe in the golden rule, treating people the way I myself would like to be treated in return. Your needs are important to me as I work to help -- and support -- and listen -- to you.
Wow, I was looking back at my history today and way back on June 7, 2010, I placed my first personally-written blog post, advertising my own townhome for sale.How time flies!  I did a quick average of how many times I blogged a month, spread over the years, and got 15 1/2 blogs.  So, averaging a ...
Are you relocating to Tucson, AZ and are looking for a new home?  Perhaps filled with questions about life in the SWDesert area?   Employees from Caterpillar will be moving to Tucson as well over the next five years and curious about the Tucson lifestyle, sent questions regarding relocation to ou...
Rattlesnakes, Mountain Lions, Javelina, Scorpions and More! Acclimating to living in Tucson and SW DesertContinuing in my present vein of answering common questions from Caterpillar employees anticipating a move to Tucson over the new five years or so, here's the current topic:  Rattlesnakes, Mou...
Six hundred new jobs are opening up in Downtown Tucson with the arrival of regional headquarters for Caterpillar. Many employees will be relocating and have questions about homeownership in Tucson, AZ.I thought it might be a great idea to address some of these questions within my blogging posts.Q...
 Anatomy of a move -- how to transport all your stuff to a new location, knowing the new location is NOT like most homes in Midwest USA?Caterpillar Regional Headquarters is building a new location in downtown Tucson, and we have received a list of many questions from those contemplating the move ...
Employees from Caterpillar will be moving to Tucson, AZ over the next five years with the opening of a Caterpillar Regional Headquarters to be located downtown Tucson.  Curious about the Tucson lifestyle, Caterpillar employees have sent questions regarding relocation to our beautiful desert puebl...
Caterpillar employees will be moving to Tucson over the new five years or so, with the new opening of a Caterpillar Regional Headquarters to be located here in Tucson. Over 600 jobs are being advertised. Employees from Caterpillar are curious about the Tucson lifestyle, and have sent questions re...
Bianchi's Italian is a family-owned restaurant that has been in business with their first location on the corner of Speedway and Silverbell since 1980. A year ago, Bianchi's North was born. Bianchi's north is located at Tangerine and Thornydale. Bianchi’s features rustic, “Down-Home” Italian food...
Ahhh, what's in a month you say! Well, in my last month of blogging...not too many type-written words!  However, during that time I've lost a gall bladder, lost a gall stone, lost some weight!Gained a new son-in-law!Got another year older.   Gained a new baby Grand-daughter in Wisconsin that I sp...
Found this previous post sitting in my draft blog folder today and wanted to re-share it, as the Marana Farmer's Market is a great neighborhood boon!Every week, on Tuesday, you can find fresh veggies and fruit for sale.  The farmers' market runs 3-6 p.m. with produce grown in neighboring farms an...

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