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If you ever wonder why your faxes end up at the destination with a black line running down the page that was not on the original or if you made a copy from your all-in-one machine and wonder where that black line came from, well wonder no more.It's time to learn how to clean your fax/copier.  Thi...
I am a member of more stuff. Now I am a Purker! Amazingly my email is not spammed beyond belief. I just joined a few days back and really like that format. Seesmic is too long and 12 seconds tv might seem too short, but it is a challenge to work in 12 seconds and that challenge is fu...
I just posted my instructional post on whole house fan installations.  I put one in my home a few weeks back and took pictures during the process.  My installation hit a few roadblocks along the way.  I had to remove old ducting and fix a dangerous electrical connection left by the previous home ...
For those of us that were cleaned from Vimeo two weeks ago, what is left.  Even Youtube no longer allows video over 10 minutes and even so,  does youtube really create the right kind of traffic for Listing Videos and Real Estate Video Blogging? I am really starting to think that I might just self...
Well now that I have been on the phone for several days I have give a more indepth review as a real estate agent. In my review I forgot to mention that apple needs to give us the ability to store documentson the phone and access them. i.e. Excel and Word documents and of course PDFs. Also Aplle w...
I shot this video this morning. I will probably update it after a few more days. The battery is not that great. I ran lots of video and other apps this morning. I'd like to run just the phone for a day to see how the battery holds up. GREAT PHONE otherwise. This will definately help me in my busi...
My last blog post is really making me think about where to upload my videos.  Currently I upload Listings to: Wellcomemat Youtube Google Video My video blogs are on Youtube Google Video My community Videos and family/fiends Video is on Youtube I used to have a mix of different video on Vimeo.  I ...
Okay...I have to admit, I did not read through the Terms of Service, so my listing videos and a few others (non commercial) were deleted with my channel.  I understand and accept that decision, what I am not happy about is that I had personal video that was not commercial and several pieces that ...
I am not sure how many times this has happened to others, but I was trying to work with an agent today on one of my listings and I could not get a hold of the agent.  The phone number the agent left me, just rang and rang and rang.  So I looked up the agent's contact information through the Supra...
If you still depend on a fax machine and this Blog post makes you angry, then good.  You should really think long an hard about what I post below.  Now if you cannot come to ween yourself off your fax machine addiction and your fax machine still has thermal paper and or a handset, I hope this pos...

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