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I've spent the last three days at the Rich Dad Education Basic Training seminars in Phoenix, AZ.    I have an investor client who signed up to go to the training and asked me to attend as her guest.  I have to admit, I was a little reluctant to attend.  I'm a motivated real estate agent, but not necessarily a motivated real estate investor. 

The first day of the seminar, I was impressed...    Wow!!! they have got some great stuff here, and I'm really learning some valuable information. 

The second day of the seminar, I was a little deflated....  What do you mean.... Advanced Training!!!  What's that??   It cost how much??!!! 

The last day of the seminar, I got over my shock and awe of Advanced Training prices ($9K - $43K), and accepted that this may just be basic training, but I really did learn a lot and I'm happy to say it was completely worth my time. 

No I didn't sign up for the Advanced Training, as I mentioned above, I'm not a motivated real estate investor. My client who is very much a motivated real estate investor did sign up and I really think that she will gain a lot from the additional training and run with it.  I foresee her in 5 years laying on a beach somewhere, with not a care in the world.  (if that's what she wants)

Before attending the Rich Dad seminars, I did a little research about it on-line.  I found a lot negative comments and began to worry about what I was getting myself into.  I'm sure those negative comments stem from people who attended the 3-day training expecting to learn all there is to know about real estate investing.  I'm also sure they were a little shocked when they found out about the additional training costs felt a probably felt a little jaded.  I have to admit, I was very much taken back by the costs involved.  I didn't know the training I attended was a pre-cursor to more expensive training. 

In the middle of the third day, I began to realize that there is no way to learn everything in 3 days!!  I truly learned a lot and I learned that there is so much more that I don't know.  I appreciate how our trainer spoke about doing everything within the letter of the law and that he was very interested in helping the people he worked with.  I felt that he cared about the people, not just the money to be made.  He stressed honesty and integrity in all deals.

As I was leaving on my third day, I knew that the program was good and that if a person was motivated enough to follow it, they would realize large profits quickly. 

So if any of you are debating on going, my advice is definitely attend the 3-day basic training.  If you like what you hear and feel motivated, go ahead and take that leap into Advanced Training.  They will give you the knowledge, you just need to bring the gumption!!!




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Anyone who believes that this is anything but a scam is a complete and total idiot. The information "sold" in these courses is readily available online for free.

Jun 07, 2010 07:10 PM #83

Anyone can go to a seminar and expect that they be given a golden goose and then sh*t on the sales man when given a shovel. The shovel is used to DIG for gold d*ck! Golden geese don't exist, so if you want gold expect to dig. Also expect to pay for an experienced miner to direct you to the gold and give you the best shovel to use. Oh but you nay sayers wouldn't understand metaphors! You have to learn for that!

Keep your jobs left siders, we still need people to serve our coctails!!!

Aug 09, 2010 06:12 PM #84

By the way, for all of you that say Anyone who PAYS for this is a moron because the info is readily available for free online... you are the moron! No SH*T its available free online, so are the 1979 college frat party pics of your mom blowing the varsity starting line up. But available isn't necessarily convenient. If you understood the very fundamental aspects of sales you would know that knowledge, simplicity, and convenience are your biggest sales points. This is why our society dishes out tens of thousands of dollars a year on products and services that could have been acquired for a fraction of the price they paid for the simple variable of CONVIENIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, and SIMPLICITY(they want sh*t cooked, delivered and fed to them)... Lets see, spend hundreds of hours blindly searching for useful information through the engine of searched terminology you have not yet learned regarding an industry you are completely new and ignorant to, then hundreds more hours studying, piecing together, extracting the good and discarding the bad, and applying without the assistance of a coach or mentor, and hoping for the best..... ORRRRR, spend a few hundred dollars to be taught in an organized environment by world renown industry leaders on how to cut your way through the never-ending line of other ambitious yet equally clueless drones entering the industry so as to save your self years not to mention possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars; because incase you weren't aware, time is actually more valuable than money if your are an ounce of competent. That being said, there is a HUGE difference between availability and easy access when weighing the intangible yet highly important subject of time vs money. SOOO, think what you want but if you are trying to get a quick and comprehensive course into the industry that many 5+ in the industry nevery obtain on their own, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! Just go with an open mind, a lot of paper and a pen. Also stop reading these post looking for yet one more reason to self sabotage your momentum in the pursuance of your dreams. All in all, you can very well do it with out this course, but if you want to cut the fat and get to the meat and potatoes then do it. Start investing in yourself, your family, and generations to come.

God Bless and Good Faith.


Aug 11, 2010 05:46 PM #85

RLCM, have you attended any of the advance training courses? I have read most of the comments posted here, and none of them talk about the great results after taking the advance training. So if any have attended these advance training courses please provide your feedback. I did attended the 3 day basic training, (I'm a newbie in the real estate world) and I think for the price I paid ($199) it was so much worth, a lot of very usefull information. My next step is to buy a course on the web for no more than $300 which is about wholesaling technique, and keep on learning on about real estate.

God Bless


Sep 17, 2010 03:17 AM #86

I bought the richdad success software to find preforeclosures, but the informations are not current, also better  service  are available in much cheaper price or free in the internet, then why pay 1625$ + 39.99$/every month. 



Oct 19, 2010 08:47 AM #87

Lee from Jan 30 (2010) sounds lucid and helpful. RLCM leaves me wondering about his several comments, and I just leave this first thought that occurred to me when I read the first one: does he sound like a wealthy person whose time is valuable?

About my own experience at the free initial seminar, there's this: the lecture suggested that making big money is good partly because it puts you in a position to help people. But if they're so interested in helping people, how come they're hawking a service that's obviously going to hurt many of the customers (and has, according to these and other internet reviews and complaints)? Clearly, they don't screen people for ability to benefit from the program. That's left up to whether the person "applies" themselves (leaves the sellers a nice "out"), and without even considering whether they've demonstrated ability to gain intellectually from the ordinary educational processes (public preparatory, and most undergraduate colleges) this company's rep so disparages for not teaching finance and business.

Dec 15, 2010 01:00 PM #88

 from NY jan-24-11 just attend 3 days rich dad/tigrent education siminar. Like to know people whoes attended advance classes would recommend to others....

Jan 24, 2011 01:02 AM #89

My husband and I attended the 3- days course $199.- at Charlotte, NC.  I had great expectation from the training since we attended before the one-day free seminar and we were very impressed. However, the 3 days was such a disappointed. You don't need a sales pitch every 20 minutes.  The speaker, Andy Tanner was supposed to teach during that 3 days duration and his assistants will do the sales after the breaks but not as often as 20 minutes.  Taking you for a ride that education is more important than money.  Having college degrees does not guarantee success.  Further, having debts is good simply because they need your credit card number to make a quick sales".  We did not stay the 2nd day nor went back the 3rd day, we decided it was a complete waste of time.  The CDs, books, and reading materials was undertsnadable enough to read and study on your own without being bombarded by a sales pitch - it's nagging every 20 minutes!  In my opinion, attendees were taken for a ride. Moreso, the mentors are not that knowledgeable about investing and we doubt about the credit score change in 6 months! I hope other attendees had realized that a scam was at works at these seminars.  Be clever were you spent your money and you can also get free seminars by signing up to your banks like Charles Swaab, who offers investing accounts to it's clients.


Mar 27, 2011 11:17 AM #90

Rich dad education mentor called us today and my husband relayed what was on his mind and how disappointed he was. We both would not want to recommend it to anyone.

Mar 29, 2011 10:21 AM #91

The Better Business Bureau is reporting in St Louis today over 200 complaints about this seminar and to beware.

when will people realize there is not easy way to get rich!

typical scam and all they want is your money. boycott the damn thing!

May 22, 2011 07:41 AM #92

I attended a 3 day workshop for 199 and split that price with my friend. The seminar was magnificent, the trainer was EXTREMELY well-educated and the basic training workshop was, without any shadow of a doubt one of the best $100 bucks I have spent or ever will spend for the rest of my life.

I've been to numerous educational seminars similar to this, and already knew coming in that a "training company" per say, is not going to offer something for 3 days in a lush 5 star hotel for $200 for two people and not offer additional training and materials. That is why they are in business, and quite frankly, I'm perfectly fine with them asking whatever price they want for their training and materials. After all, I am not the smart one here, I'm not the one with the knowledge base on the topic-whatever it may be, I am the one who signed up to get the education.

I feel that it is 1000% THEIR prerogative to sell their products and services in whatever LEGAL manner they are comfortable with. Besides this, it's always been a "buyer beware" society, and we are free to say NO if we don't want it. So all of you so-called "victim mentality types" out there, quit your crying and moaning and grow up. They tell you at the outset of the meeting that advanced training costs a lot of money, and throughout the whole seminar they stress hard work, smart work, professionalism, developing professional business relationships as any business owner would, good credit, having capital, having a home office as well as a protable office, having a good work ethic and a burning desire to succeed. So in other words, if you don't have these things, frankly you have no business being in one of these meetings, and you're even dumber if you use a credit card to pay for an advanced education. If you don't have C-A-S-H, work on getting some cash saved up first...this will prove that you actually have developed some discipline and money management skills instead of taking the path of least resistance-the credit card.

There is NO get rich quick formula's and yet most of the complainers are typically the people who come in with this mindset. Ooh, "learn to be RICH...Oooh, that's pretty enticing...think I'll attend because I want a get rich quick scheme . How about a "get a life" scheme! You want to make big money, you'll most likely need to spend big money. Kind of a "murphy's law" thing.

Jun 20, 2011 06:31 PM #93

I am taking the 3-day course ($200) over the next 3 days in Sarasota (July 1,2,3, 2011). I signed up because I was under the impression that was sanctioned and endorsed by Robert Kiyosaki, but apparently it is Russ Whitney behind the training. I WOULD NOT have signed up had I known that. I signed up out of respect for Mr Kiyosaki, but I have been to a Whitney seminar before (5 years ago?), and although their basic training was ok, their people and high pressure tactics made it all feel like a scam. My biz partner did sign up for a mentorship though, but in the end it didn't work out so well.


I will take the training with my previous notes out to compare the two presentations. I was hoping, in this terrible market, that there would be some new and more current information, so we'll see. I figure with this many foreclosures on the market, at some point it will turn around, and I want to be ready for the upswing. I already know I will not be signing up for advanced training, but would rather look for an REI group to get involved with locally.

Jun 30, 2011 12:51 PM #94

My husband and I just sat in on two of the three days of the Rich Dad seminar. We both thought the information was enlightening, but did not sign up for any advanced training seminars. We felt the cost was not justifiable for the amount of time and information offered in the training packages. Does anyone know how to obtain similar software programs and we would be interested in hearing any feedback on their value in the real world. It appears others say this is available at a much lower cost.

Thank you in advance,



Oct 16, 2011 08:13 AM #95

1.  I Went to the free seminar for 2-hours..... good information on how the rich get rich.. yes.


2.  I went to the $199 seminar on stock trading... this is good/basic/information... will a $199 seminar teach you how trade stocks..  what about a $19 book RICH DAD/POOR DAD.....


How about the $99 Cashflow boardgame... Of course, NOT, this is just good information/data/facts to think like  a investor.. and start thinking about investing.. .


Can you read a book about swimmming?  yes no ?


Can you read a book about open-heart surgery? yes. no ?


Can you read a book about building rockets to Mar/Jupiter..? yes. no ?


Of course NOT, this is just a introduction, get your feet wet, jump in to the water and start thinking like an investor..


For $99-$999, the RICH DAD IS REALLY WORTH THE MONEY, BEYOND $999, RICH DAD is for people with money to burn..


books, boardgames, $199 are good investments to begin a life-long journey to be RICH.

Oct 30, 2011 09:13 AM #96

I went to the 3 day event this past weekend.  Excellent!  I knew they would do an upsell and I had no problem with that.  It's impossible to teach everything one would need to know about RE Investing in one three day seminar.  However, I did learn TONS that I can implement w/o taking the classes.  And I plan to take the classes.  I plan to use what I learned this weekend to generate the cash to do my full education that they are providing.  I had my real est. license from '04-'06 so I could tell what they were teaching was excellent and powerful.  Anyone who has negative attitudes toward their methods is missing the point in my opinion.  This gets an A+ from me.  

Nov 06, 2011 01:42 PM #97

me and my husband just finished our 3 days basic training sunday. $199, it was
very informative and we love our teacher LEE ESCOBAR. he is so smart
yes I did not care too much about all that OH YAH and pressure or talks
about the advance clas which took a lot of time... however I understand it
is just part of the business.

we did learn a lot from the class
some tricks we can really put into practice. and to me $199 is well worth it!!!

NO I do not believe it is possible to learn everything in3 days.

we really would like to start with just wholesaling. but the package they
had is for 18K for just this one class and one manditory one that our
teacher has put together recent year
that was a turn off for me, I feel like I did not have a lot of options.

so we decided to sign up for 4 class package which is 20K. that is a lot of
but that is really not the real issue

coming monday I went to and checked the class schedule that is
when I mad the decision to cancel. there will not be an on site wholesale
class unitl after sept of this year. (the schedule only list up to sep 24th.)
I really want to learn now. and the on demand is ok but I rather have it
after  first on site class... I want to watch online after I already done the on site class

so we decided to send the cancel form within the 3 days.

and we are going to get the recommanded book from others and start now...

will I think of more training down the RD for sure, but now I just do not
see that happening.

Feb 14, 2012 04:25 AM #98

Thank you for your post on the Rich Dad Education three day course. I am currently attending a class in Atlanta and find it very insightful. As with any form of advanced education it cost! The difference is instead of you buying a "JOB" you're buying Financial Freedom. Also it cost much less than a traditional 4 year college.  Again, Thank You!!

Feb 24, 2012 01:14 PM #99

The Rich Dad Company doesn't deal with scams, nor are they a scam company. A real money-making scam ALWAYS involves a "Pre-Made System", developed by the scammers. That System always promises that you'll make money in a short amount of time, you'll get rich, and it's all GUARANTEED. Rich Dad, on the other hand, has no "system"; nor do they guarantee ANYTHING. They only offer information. Giving information is never a scam, even if the information is bad. However, regarding "bad" information, that's what the SEC is for, and they are indeed strictly regulated by the SEC, as they should be. So, personally, I respect the Rich Dad company for having the balls to stand up to the SEC with their knowledge of what information to give to the public, and what not to give. If you have read any of Robert Kiyosaki's original three books, you would know the power the SEC has for protecting the public against "wannabe" high risk investors.

As far as my Rich Dad experience, I enjoyed their 3-day Real Estate Basic Training Seminar. I look at it as one of many, MANY resources I'll pull from on my quest to become wealthy and fulfill my dreams. That is the attitude we should all have. As far as the prices of their Advanced Training, all I have to say is this- if I had the money, I'd be the first one to sign up.

Apr 23, 2012 02:12 PM #100

I believe I completely threw $40,000 away

Not only that - I withdrew the money from my 401(k) at the recruiter's recommendation "that it would all be a write off"

It was not a write off because I didn't do any business in 2012 - therefore, I am out the $40k, and the extra income was taxed, penalized 10%, AND pushed me into the next higher tax bracket - raising my taxes. So I've no ROI after 6 months of heavy marketing and talking to non-motivated sellers, and I have a hefty, unexpected tax bill for 2012.

I am going to continue to learn how to invest in real estate, but how i wish I had done some due dilligence before I gave RD all that money - basically for nothing.


Feb 01, 2013 08:29 PM #101


Just took the 3-day course. Very good information and I knew going in that the sell was coming. It's not brain surgery to know that there will be a selling component. Price does seem steep. But Nora, has your friend done the Advanced Training yet? Or has anyone done any of the advanced training?

Was thinking about doing it, but still a bit unsure. Sio anyone here have anything to say about Advanced Training?

Feb 18, 2013 04:40 AM #102
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