I Get Lots of Comments on My Posts. Here is my Ultra-Sneaky, Top-Secret Secret.

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Every once in awhile someone asks me... Karen Anne... how do you keep getting so many comments on your posts ?  What's the deal ?  What is your secret ?  What can I do to get that many comments on MY posts ?

OK.  I have shared this with those who have asked... by private email... but hey, why not just let the secret out ?  What is my "secret weapon ?"

Alright... Here's the deal... <she said, laughing to herself about how totally dumb she thinks that phrase sounds... >

I... care.  So... I not only reciprocate... I do more than that.  I comment on things others skip over.

I have written 919 posts so far.  [The 971 on the chart ---> includes 52 posts in draft mode.] About half of my posts are real-estate related.  Perhaps the other half are split between social commentary stuff... like "marriage equality stuff, and women's rights stuff"... or some political posts... or just some plain ol' personal stuff about my life, my daughter, my sweet kitty Mollie T Cat, my old teaching days, my family, or even just about me.

So... it's a mixture.  But... out of my 919 posts... I have only received 53 Featured Posts.  Only 53 Gold Stars.  Not bad, but not real good, either.  That averages out to just a smidge under 7 Gold Stars for every 100 posts written.  Still... nothing to write home about... so to speak.  But that's ok.

The reason I am sharing this is... I average almost 30 comments per post... and very, very few of those posts are the "Featured Post kind"... the ones that really pile up the comments.

So why such a high average of comments on my posts ?  My easy, Ultra-Sneaky, Top-Secret Secret is... because I care enough to not only write posts... but I go out of my way to make comments on the posts of others... especially Newbies.

 As of today, just from the points I got from commenting on the posts of other Active Rainers... I hit 400,000 points.  JUST from commenting.

Sure, I have received 26,918 comments, but I have made... 29,025 comments. 

Give to other Rainers, share with other Rainers, even jump in and defend other Rainers when some smart aleck is attacking them in a post or a comment.  Giving is the way to make it happen.

Do that enough, and people start subscribing to your blog.  They start looking for your posts.  They get to know you.  And they start commenting on your posts.

Also... who and what you comment on can make a difference.

When it's time for me to make my "daily comments..." while many, many Active Rainers run straight to the Featured Posts Blogroll to read and comment on "all the good stuff..." or all those "Gold Star posts" that everybody else runs to comment on... I go to the Newbie Posts. Remember how you felt when you were a Newbie, you finally wrote a post, and nobody commented ?  Well...

Or... I will pick out some of the Listings posts that almost NOBODY comments on... and very simply say something nice, something complimentary about that agent's listing. 

It's a "help them feel good" kinda thing.  Also, if a member of the public pulls up that post... it can really help that Listing Agent if the buyer who looks at it... instead of seeing a big BLANK for comments, they see something really complimentary about the Listed house.  You have to help others here on Active Rain.  You just gotta do it. 

I'm not looking to be Number One.  I just like to feel really good about what I am doing.

To quote the title of a really good recent book... You have to be a "Go-Giver."  What goes around... really does come around.

~                                        ~                                        ~

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Dawn A Fabiszak
Private Label Realty ( Denver metro area, Colorado - Aurora, CO
The Dawn of a New Real Estate Experience!

Karen Anne ~ I loved what you said here and in your other posts.  I try to comment everyday, but your different comment point totals say a ton about you!  We all should aspire to even come close to that!

Feb 16, 2012 12:25 AM #115
AJ Heidmann
McEnearney Associates, Inc. - Alexandria, VA
YOUR Alexandria & Arlington, VA Real Estate Expert

Karen Anne - Thanks so for sharing your "secret sauce" for success in the Rain.

Feb 16, 2012 11:00 AM #116
Momentum Realty
North Orange County CA Real Estate Specialists - Yorba Linda, CA
Orange County CA Real Estate Agent

Hey Karen Anne- Thanks for the reply above. Maybe that's why I gravitate to your posts- I tend to tell it like it is as well : )

Maybe social butterfly was the wrong term- I just meant that you get around a lot...on Active Rain, and in a good way : D LOL!

Hope you're having a fantastic and outspoken week!!

Gina Lemos 

Feb 16, 2012 05:22 PM #117
Karen Anne Stone
New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County - Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth Real Estate

Gina:  Outspoken ?  Why... I'm just a Nice Catholic Girl from Cleveland trying to make it in the bright lights and city life of Fort Worth, Texas... LOL.  Just shy, inward lil me, here.  <smile>

Feb 16, 2012 06:34 PM #118
Tammie White
(615) 495-0752 or www.FranklinHomesRealty.com - Franklin, TN
Franklin Homes Realty, Franklin TN

Karen Anne, I think your favorite thing to do is defend rainers with smart alecks. I know you've done it more than once on my posts.

Feb 17, 2012 08:49 PM #119
Karen Anne Stone
New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County - Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth Real Estate

Tammie:  I was very concerned that I was over-doing that on that recent post of yours.  I do NOT want to look like a ball-hog... so I hope that was okay with you ?  If I ever am "too much"... please let me know, okay ?  Promise ?

But that last guy was just an ass.  He was just "wrong."  And was being so pompous about it.

And... it is also much easier for me to say stuff about how good you are, and what a great post you wrote... than it is for you (as the post writer) to do that.

Feb 18, 2012 07:39 AM #120
Jerry Newman
Brown Realty, 210-789-4216,www.JeremiahNewman.com - San Antonio, TX
Texas REALTOR, San Antonio Military Relocation

Hi Karen Anne, I saw this post the other day, and meant to comment, since I have built my AR network from doing exactly what you are speaking about here. Of course, I have been subscribed to your blogs for some time now. I do believe in commenting on 10 to 20 posts per day, and sometimes more if I have the time. It seems like the more I read, the more I am able to comment. Thanks for sharing your "Secret"

Feb 18, 2012 03:43 PM #121
Michael S. Bolton
Michael S. Bolton,Inc. - Zimmerman, MN
MN Appraiser

Karen Anne~Love your "secret tips." :) I love the term "Go-Giver," which you most certainly exemplify. You set a great example to follow in how you leave comments, I know I appreciate the ones you've left for me.

Have an awesome weekend!

Feb 18, 2012 05:16 PM #122
Joshua Zargari
MJ Decorators Workshop LI staging and home decorating - Lynbrook, NY
MJ Decorators Workshop

Good morning Karen.

The more you give the more you'll receive.

Keep up the great work.


Feb 19, 2012 03:38 AM #123
Nick T Pappas
Assoc. Broker/Broker ABR, CRS, SFR, e-Pro, @Homes Realty Group, Huntsville AL - Huntsville, AL
Madison & Huntsville Alabama Real Estate Resource

Karen, and it looks like you won't be lacking for comments on this post either.  You have such a great attitude about this.  I always go back and comment on posts of members who were kind enough to leave a comment at one of mine.  The one thing I haven't done enough of is visiting the newbies.  I think that's in part because I have a regular group that I have gotten to know...I plan to change that and visit newer members on a regular basis.  I also like to look for posts that may have gotten overlooked with only two comments on them nudging them up to the required 3 comments to receive points.  Anyway great post and well deserved gold star!!!

Feb 19, 2012 03:22 PM #124
Nick T Pappas
Assoc. Broker/Broker ABR, CRS, SFR, e-Pro, @Homes Realty Group, Huntsville AL - Huntsville, AL
Madison & Huntsville Alabama Real Estate Resource

And by the way, I just wanted to let you know that I'm a card carrying member of the Karen Anne Stone Fort Worth Real Estate View.

Feb 19, 2012 03:25 PM #125
Cynthia Streza
Deer Creek Village Realty, LLC - Cedaredge, CO
Real Estate Professional

Hi Karen,  I took your advice and was able to comment on (10) blogs yesterday.  That's the most for me ever!  Have a great week!

Feb 20, 2012 02:29 PM #126
Karen Anne Stone
New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County - Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth Real Estate

Cynthia... that is just terrific.  If you can learn to do that on a consistent basis, other Active Rainers will begin to recognize you when they see you again.  And... it will also help your "comfortability factor" which will allow you, and encourage you to do even more.  I am guessing it took some effort for you to do that, Cynthia... so... Good... For... You !  <smile>

Feb 21, 2012 11:15 PM #127
Cathy Criado
Green Commercial Realty - San Antonio, TX
Making Real Estate Profitable

True that! I comment on virtually every blog I read. I even get annoyed when I see a re-blog without the option to comment. I also try to post comments with character, with care, with support, etc. That is how I grew my base too. Thanks for sharing and caring.

Feb 23, 2012 04:17 AM #128
Karen Anne Stone
New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County - Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth Real Estate

Cathy:  You are very welcome.  That is one of the many things that attracts me to your posts, and to you.  You really do seem to care about all of those you come into contract with... and it shows in your writing.

Have a great weekend to come.  Sorry it has taken me so long to comment back to you.  <dorky apologetic grin>

Aug 23, 2012 06:02 PM #129
Sharon & Bruce Walter
Keller Williams Realty Lafayette, IN - Lafayette, IN
West Lafayette homes for sale

Karen Anne,

I rarely ever comment on a featured post unless it is one of the people I subscribe to their blog.  I will usually comment on it about a week later because I know that person may be swamped in trying to reciprocate to all the comments they have received.  I just think a lot of  people on AR only comment on the featured posts so they get noticed by the HEAVY HITTERS and are more likely to have them visit their blog and eventually get some eventual features because of WHO might hit the  suggest button on their posts.

I don't comment a whole lot on our "together" blog, but I always do try and reciprocate!  I deeply apologize for taking so long to get back to your blog as last week was simply off the wall!  I do appreciate the time and the thoughtful comments you left, Karen Anne,  concerning the Battle of Tippecanoe posts I wrote in the past.

I do comment heavily on my other blog on AR as my comment points are about 5-1 over my blogging points, but things are so busy right now to do even that! 

Thanks again for your thoughtful comments and you do live what you have talked about in your post!


Aug 29, 2012 06:14 AM #130
Ryan Bruzan
little things home improvements, LLC - La Grange, KY
Home Improvements Professional

Funny thing about it is that it really isn't a top-secret secret or even a secret at all, now is it? :) It does, however, take time and effort to be authentic and, like you said, Karen, that's where it counts!

Thanks you kindly!


Jul 13, 2013 08:27 PM #131
Karen Anne Stone
New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County - Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth Real Estate

Ryan:  You are very welcome.  I gave up being concerned about my points totals quite a while ago.  I used to get upset when someone would pass me by... but that's no longer the case.

As I said... I just enjoy being able to comment on posts that "move me" or on Newbie posts where the writer could use a "boost."  I like that feeling.

It may be easy for me to say that considering the fact that I have as many points as I do... but still.  It's more fun being able for me to be more relaxed about commenting and writing.

I thank you so much, by the way, for going so far BACK... over a year, in fact, to a post I wrote so long ago.  That was nice.  :) 

Also, just below the bottom edge of THIS post is the key word "tutorials."  Click on it, and you'll find a collection of "tutorials" that I have written to help both Newbies and Oldbies alike.                  July 13, 2013

Jul 13, 2013 09:23 PM #132
Margaret Rome, Baltimore Maryland
HomeRome Realty 410-530-2400 - Baltimore, MD
Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome

Karen, Thinking about you and hoping you are doing well. There are so many of us who care about you.

Jul 13, 2013 09:30 PM #133
Karen Anne Stone
New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County - Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth Real Estate

Margaret:  I appreciate your concern more than you know.  Surgery #1 in six days.. on Friday July 19th.  Depending on how that healing goes... surgery #2... the aortic valve replacement and the partial atrial amputation... should be ten days to two weeks after that... perhaps around August 10th.

Jul 13, 2013 09:38 PM #134
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