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When I returned home from Inman's Real Estate Connect in San Francisco last week, I searched through my notes, videos, photos and handouts looking for something to post about that might be unique. There were so many things that I learned this year, some really great topics and technologies, wonde...
Today marks a huge milestone for the ActiveRain Community, we finally hit 100,000 members.  July 25th, 2008, a day that will go down in history as yet another GREAT "ActiveRAINY" DAY!! Please join us as we welcome ANNA WILSON from Franklin, TN, the lucky and fortunate member to help us hit this ...
Since I will be joining the others at RE Connect this year, I just realized, I probably won't have much time to Blog and comment while I'm away. Oh No! :-) This will be a very exciting event and I'm certain there will be so many things I'll want to share. How will I keep up with it all? How will...
Well, it's less than a week away! The rumor is true, the ActiveRain Team will be in San Francisco next Tuesday thru Thursday for the Inman Real Estate Connect and we're hoping we'll get to see and meet many of you there.  If for some reason you can't join us this year, we'll be bummed, but that'...
What is a Wiki?  Many of you have probably heard of WikiPedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Currently there are 2,457,781 articles in English on their site.  Many Bloggers link to Wikipedia for explanations and definitions of odd and peculiar terms, words or phrases.  What's it for...
SEO?  There are Groups, Blogs, Website Graders, those who claim they know it all, and those who confess they know nothing whatsoever about it.  Both in and out of the community, many have benefited greatly from the SEO that comes from Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. What about those who haven't a clue ab...
In this Interview, Bob talks about the NEW Outside Blogs, SEO, Duplicate Content, Syndication, Numbers, Stats, Instructions, and even touches a bit on the NEW Localism Launch coming July 9th. Yesterday, I was sending Bob an Instant Message when he replied, "I'm going on the air" and mentioned Rea...
Why did ActiveRain create the opportunity to allow members to start and join groups?  I've heard many say "they're out of control."  Does anyone really spend much time searching groups and joining them?  If not, it's something everyone should consider or at least re-visit.  When did you join a gr...

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