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How many times on average do you think you will click that mouse button in your lifetime?  LOL~  I can't begin to imagine how many times I have already.  This is a tip that I will preface by saying, "it may be a simple one, and you may already know this, but if you don't, this will save you tons ...
I would be seriously remiss if I didn't stop this evening to give my sincere and heart felt "thanks" to ActiveRain and all the members who make this network such a wonderful place to work and play.  Taking time to say "thank you" to others may seem like a small and insignificant gesture, but the ...
Today, at the very last possible minute, we put together a RR Talk show that was ALL ABOUT TWITTER!  How do you get business from Twitter?  Do you need to have an account and be on Twitter?  How does it work, why would I want to, and who else is on there anyway?  This was a great talk show and th...
You're about to enter the MatWix Who says you can't make a Blog Post look like a website every now and then? Why not bring the boring links and text to life sometimes? Do you dare or desire to be different once in awhile? Are you stuck, and just part of the everyday Social Media Matrix? Ready to...
I've noticed the fonts on many Blog Posts are getting larger these days.  I do appreciate any assistance I can get with not having to wear my glasses to read your posts.  Now there's a way to have your posts read themselves out loud to your subscribers and visitors.  It's called Odiogo.  It conve...
I just got off the phone with Lenn Harley, one of our ActiveRain resident members and experts on the topic of Copyright, and I am excited to tell you, she'll be joining us, (The AR Staff) ";Live"; this Thursday on Rain Radio.  Lenn has even contacted her attorney, Paul Thaler, ESQ. from Internati...
Here in am in Orlando Florida at the NAR 2008 Convention and ActiveRain Gathering.  In a 100 years, I would have never guessed that this is where I'd be creating my 300th post on AR.  Sitting in my hotel room at the Hard Rock Hotel, I just had to write this milestone post.  What will make this po...
Here's a post that I just couldn't resist. has announced some really cool new features to their site.  Up until now, I think many have just considered this site to be a place to have a profile, an on-line resume', or the place to be if you're anybody in any business.  I think most m...
Copyright Violations and Plagiarism on ActiveRain are coming to an end, but it may not happen over night. When you see a Police Car ahead, and you're speeding, don't you slow down?  Hopefully Harlen will have that same impact and affect as he travels around and throughout the Network.  I have hea...

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