real estate scams: Are you doing BPO’s for them? Or is it another SCAM! - 06/06/11 08:34 AM
Just opened an email from this company SummitValuations, here's the email:
“Dear Aida Pinto,
Summit Valuations has requested a Drive By BPO for the property located at: 1234 Any Street, downey, CA, 90241
The BPO is due on 6/6/2011 at 12:32 PM, and the compensation is $100”
This BPO is not assigned to you until you log in and accept the assignment. Please click the link and then use your or login information to view the details of this request:
Thank you.
I don’t remember ever signing up with them.  I had stopped doing BPO’s but I see now that the are offering … (3 comments)

real estate scams: Scam Alert.......Scam Alert.......Scam Alert! - 05/28/11 03:52 PM
Boy this “Bad” economy is really bring out worst in all of us and scams are coming out to the wood-work!
I love discovering new scams and I was just presented with one a little while ago. Because I can smell a rat a mile away, and thank God or Al Gore (lol) for the internet, I decided to looking into this New Scam.
This scam is not only targeting Realtors, it’s targeting Homeowners. If you want to read how the entire scam works go to The Fraud Files Blog or click here!
They promise that you can....... “Pay off your … (5 comments)

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