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Those of you with roots in the Active Grain community, you'll understand the recent movement to Bring back Kerrie (#BringKerrieBack).There've been a handful of recent comments, both here and there, using the appropriate hashtag (#BringKerrieBack), trying to build some momentum.  My daughter tells...
There comes a time... some feel the need for speed... I feel the need for calm.This is such a time.I am planted firmly on left coast, for a mini-vacation, taking in the waters at a lovely spa with my daughters, their families (my grandsons... the cutie-boys), and a few more bottles of wine than w...
For all of those who claim that it's been a slow time in real estate, this is a screen shot of the showings on my listings from the past three weeks. As you can see, it's been a busy few weeks, which resulted in two offers.Ya can't really ask for much more, can you?I'm noticing that Mondays and ...
Condo living.  You gotta love it."Hey!" says the owner of the condo on the 9th floor, overlooking the 1st floor outdoor patio 8 floors beneath him. "I don't like the way the decaying pumpkin looks on their private patio.  Can the board please ask them to remove the rotting pumpkin?"The owner of t...
After negotiating hard, really hard, my sellers decided to accept what they considered a low offer.  It was lower than they'd hoped, but they just wanted to be "done with it", and get it over with.  They had moved out of the home, and were now living out of state supporting two households while w...
According to the "powers-that-be" the real estate market in greater Chicagoland (that's what we call Chicago and the collar counties, for those of you who ain't local)... is down 8% year over year.And Millenials, while they represent twice the number of Gen X'rs that are out there, less than half...
We see the same nine people, here in Active Rain, over and over and over again.  We all know who they are.  Only 9 of them regularly posting (and no, I'm not counting those who are treading water over in the Quotas & Gasholes section)... and they post over and over again.And we see the same 8 fea...
Come on, this is all kinds of fun.There's a little bit of Texas in each and every one of y'all.Jimmy Kimmel, er... I mean Jimmy Fallon does it allright, allright, allright.  Enjoy!
This is a good representation of how I feel on a good day.  Being in the real estate business can be a ride on a Crazy Train, and I'm Puddles (sans the really good voice).We have good days, bad days, better days, and days that it makes sense to stay in bed through the whole damn thing.  But all i...
I am a modern-day real estate agent.  Perhaps not a bona-fied techie, but I'm up on the latest.I use docu-sign, & dotloop, haven't seen hide nor hair of a fax machine in an coon's age, email and texting with the big boys, what's app, photoshop, rezora, screen sharing, digital floor plans, and vir...

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