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Happy 4th of July, fellow rainers.  Hope you have a wonderful day, and your pets survive all the fireworks without releasing their bowels all over your home, or quaking in fear beneath the bed, whimpering all night.Fireworks are anything but fun for many of our furry family members.  Remember tha...
Those of you who are dealing with family members with dementia or Alzheimers will understand this story.This evening the facility that cares for my mother, who has Alzheimers, called to let us know that ... they couldn't find her.  Someone had taken her downstairs to dinner, but when they went to...
What do you get when you mix black manganese oxide with a handful of chemicals and heat them all to 2,000 degrees farenheit?Well, in the case of Crayola, you get a new vivid blue pigment that is resistant to fading.This is an exciting new discovery for Crayola, so exciting, in fact, that they're ...
One of my buyers recently had a shock, when the seller of the house they'd purchased notified them, through their attorney, that he'd changed his mind, and was no longer going to sell his house to them.It was shocking, as we'd only recently cleared attorney review, and had verbal agreement on ins...
"I'll let you know" she said "as soon as we have a fully executed contract".Hmmm..... so she's not going to let me know until after the house has closed??  In order to be "fully executed"... all of the terms in the contract have to be fully 'carried out'... or 'executed'.  All of the terms of the...
I don't like split-levels * It's ugly * Why won't they allow me to bring my Great Dane through the house? * The kids both need to use the toilet * We can transfer both car seats into your car * Can we stop for lunch... your treat, right? * I'll send you the list tomorrow morning, for the fifteen ...
Not enough showings * No offers * Someone left lights on * Did someone use the toilet? * The back door was left open * The pictures on my refrigerator were moved * The cat seems traumatized * I can see footprints in my carpeting * There are smudges on my storm door * They arrived four minutes ear...
One of the great joys in my life is being a father.  I love just about everything about it.There's a certain nostalgia that comes when you've been a father for a while.  This performer, Jessie Collin Young, of the Youngbloods, and this song bring me to a particular time, and place, well before I ...
We wrote an offer the other day, on a new house that had come on the market.  It was priced competitively... $329,000.  My clients liked it, and there seemed to be a bunch of showings, so we wrote, what I though was a strong offer.We weren't able to write a cash offer, but we offered $320,000 wit...
Time is too slow for those who waitAnd time is too swift for those who fearTime is too long for those who grieveAnd time is too short for those that laugh  I've been listening to some throwback music.  These above quoted lines from a little known band named Spirit really ring true for me.Almost h...

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