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"You're approved to show my property" the listing agent responded."The sellers may be home, so ring the doorbell first...  wait five minutes... and then use the lockbox...""Wait", I asked "you want me to wait for FIVE minutes?""Yes, wait five minutes, and then use the lockbox.""Seriously??  You w...
Visiting properties, yesterday, with new clients.One of them went down to the basement, and called up the stairs "There's a strong smell of gas down here".My first thought, of course, is to respond "I haven't even been in the basement yet.  It wasn't me!"  I barely managed to keep from blurting t...
Escalation clause.  For those of you who asking "What the heck is an escalation clause?  It sounds painful."An escalation clause is a tool used by buyer's agents, typically as part of a multiple offer situation, that says: "We will pay $X,XXX more than your highest offer".I have found myself on b...
I'm conducting, what I like to call, a death march tomorrow.What's a death march, you ask?  Well, it's a day full of showings that's long enough to cause even the heartiest of buyers (and their Realtor) to spontaneously die (or want to) during the lengthy day of showings.As many of you know, who'...
I attending a closing today... I was the listing agent, and my seller did not attend. When I attend these round-table closings, especially when my seller isn't there, I don't have much to do, other than collect a check at the end, and notify my seller that he is now "officially homeless" (my stan...
Now this is a creative way of saying "Wash Me".Someone returned to his dirty BMW only to find this "street graffiti" rubbed into the schmutz of his sadly neglected Bavarian beauty.If I knew that allowing my car to get filthy dirty would result in some street artist creating inspiring artwork on t...
While showing property recently, I told my buyers that I was expecting a phone call.  I don't normally accept calls while I'm working with clients (be they buyers or sellers)... I like to give whomever I'm with my undivided attention.I explained that I was waiting to hear if a different set of bu...
Did you drop this ring?Found on Michigan avenue, somewhere near downtown... there were a whole bunch of 'em, but someone picked up most of the others.This is the one I found... it has the name "Zobrist" emblazoned on it... along with World Series Champions and 108 diamonds (I'm sure they're faux...
As real estate professionals, we are constant targets for all sorts of marketing pitches.I get phone calls, all the time, from people trying to sell me stuff.  Some of the calls are recorded, some are live salespeople (who have some difficulty with the word "no").And I rarely (read that as "never...
This is yet another case of why it's good to have an experienced and knowledgeable Realtor on your side.In a recent closing I had agreed to provide a carbon-monoxide detector to the buyer. My seller was required to supply one, and I had plenty.I was only required to supply one, for the bedroom ar...

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