christianity: What happens when you do what is right? =-) - 09/04/10 03:31 PM
After everything that has happened so far since my leaving a landlord in the middle of the night.....
I have been at the job I was hired at for 3 weeks and.....
BOOM !!!
I got a $100.00 per week RAISE !!
The manager who is related to the franchisee at the seven eleven I am working at owns a rental property right across the street from the store I will be working at.
He offered me rent at the building for $350.00 per month!!
Now rest assured, this does not come without adjustments for me.
It is a 2 … (12 comments)

christianity: Things continue to get better....... Where I am living..... AWESOME !! - 09/01/10 10:22 AM
Hey there, since I told you about the landlord who threatened me bodily harm and the police who escorted me into the home to pick up my things, several things have happened:
The old landlord stopped by to give me someclothes I missed and he did not have an "attitude"toward me. I am getting along famously with my new landlord. The future is looking BRIGHT now....... These pictures are some of the sights I see every time I go take a walk and pray.......
The neighborhood is awesome..... it is so quiet and serene.


christianity: Sabbath Gleanings...... staying the course... NO MATTER WHAT.... =-) - 08/01/10 08:47 AM


How many times have you read the storys of the fathers of the faith in the bible ~~~ apostles, kings, and prophets all having to "go the distance" before they received what the Lord God wanted them to recieve?
What did you think when you were reading those storys?
I hope THAT doesn't happen to me...... I would not be able to go through THAT...... Why isn't life easier to get through....? Why does God let those things happen?  
Those are some of the things I have heard mermered in bible study classes … (6 comments)

christianity: Sabbath Gleanings......... I am getting back into the swing of things slowly... - 07/21/10 12:55 PM

After writing a comment on Sara Washburns Facebook page about Christianity yesterday, I suddenly felt more renewed to post here in ActiveRain.
To be frank I am still getting my feet wet around here and even though my posts are getting better statistics, I stillfeel like a new born puppy learning to sniff around again.
Please be patient with me while I find my blogging legs again. I promise my blogs will continue to get better as time goes on. I have heard it written and said that practice makes perfect. My blogs will NOT be … (2 comments)

christianity: Sabbath Gleanings......... are you a person of your word?? - 07/10/10 08:06 AM
Hello there everyone!!
After having the home I live in get sideswiped by a tornado, I am back. God was good to me in that even though our internet connection got interuppted, the home was not touched and we were all safe. We have such a wonderful Creator in and though our Messiah Yeshua (Jesus)!!
This weeks Sabbath Gleanings is about backing up your promises with actions.
Yeshua (Jesus) said we are to love one another. He then describes what that love is. According to Yeshua (Jesus), to love your neighbor means that you walk in His holy (set apart) commandments … (7 comments)

christianity: Little one... we are not in Kansas anymore...... ;-) - 07/07/10 01:35 AM
Hello everyone.....
I have been gone for this past week because the home I am living in got sideswiped by a tornado!!!
Part of the backyard fence is gone in one section, and a tree fell from the next door neighboirs yard and destroyed fencing in the back of the garage in another section.
A LOT of trees in the city got either uprooted, or LARGE branches got torn off and THROWN many feet across the roads and onto roofs of other homes.
Thank the Lord our Creator, our home did not get hit at all !!!
I do not … (7 comments)

christianity: Sabbath Gleanings.... the power of an example, for good or bad..... =-O - 06/19/10 02:29 PM
Well I have not delivered the post on a Saturday and as far as I know I have skipped a week. I am soooo human and have so many faults.
I know you all forgive me and some of you were even praying for me because you were wondering "what was going on with Alex."
Well, I am still here..... hehehehehe ...... no worries about that!!And I THANK YOU for your prayers, those of you who did.....
I am going to be talking about the power of a good and a bad example and what either of them can do in … (1 comments)

christianity: Sabbath Gleanings.... how to keep a brokerage or a real estate team healthy.... - 06/07/10 05:20 AM
This weeks Sabbath Gleanings is taken from the situation of the children of Israel and Moses when a bunch of disgruntled men banded together to split the congregation:
"Now Korah the son of Izhar, son of Kohath, son of Levi, and Dathan and Abiram the sons of Eliab, and On the son of Peleth, sons of Reuben, took men....." (Read the whole story HERE)
Fighting against leadership can spread like wild fire through an organization. This happens because the people in the group trying to destroy the leadership feel so strongly about what they are doing. They work extra … (5 comments)

christianity: Sabbath Gleanings....... are you looking at the wrong thing(s)? - 06/01/10 12:20 PM
This is the first of my series and I am so sorry I did not get it to you on Saturday, as I told you I would.
I AM glad I did say that scheduling permitting I would get these posts out and I DID have scheduling issies.
Without further ado, here we go......
Here is the subject verse for this post:
"How long shall I bear with this evil congregation who are grumbling against Me? I have heard the complaints of the sons of Israel, which they are making against Me. "(Numbers 14:27)
This after the spies had come … (4 comments)

christianity: A new series coming...... "Sabbath Gleanings".... a Hebrew perspective... - 05/15/10 08:16 AM

In my walk with our divine Creator and His Son, our blessed Messiah, Jesus ("Yeshua" in Hebrew) since 1980, I have been changed in so many ways it is hard to describe everything that has happened to me.
One thing that I CAN say and describe that has happened to me is I was changed from a Greek or gentile way of thinking, to a progressively Hebrew one.
Jesus was Hebrew, and what better way to understand the things He said and taught, than studying the Hebrew way of life and thought.
On Saturdays, scheduling permitting, I will … (5 comments)

christianity: Christianity and real Estate..... How are we to approach those not like us? - 04/24/10 01:18 PM
In the past months I have struggled with several things:
The almost total demise of my real estate marketing. Having to relocate to a new state, where I only knew one person. Leaving most of my possesions in Florida, where I was living. Having to depend on public transportation in the state I live in. Not having a place to call my own to live in. Along with these seemingly difficult circumstances, I have found a new lease on life in other areas:
Getting to know new people at a church I found to worship at. Working at a place … (16 comments)

christianity: .... I'll Be Back ..... - 04/10/10 04:00 AM
Just to let everyone know, I am going to be coming back and posting regularly again.
I will be starting a series on what it means to be a Christian real estate agent from the perspective of our relationship to our Creator in His son, our Messiah, Jesus.
This will not be just about doing what is right, BUT having the right heart and relationship in our Messiah Jesus' sight.
It will be loosely associated with several books I have read in the past years AND from my own personal experiences.
The series will have numerous biblical references, so you can … (9 comments)

christianity: I would like you guys to pray for me..... about full time Ministry.... - 04/02/10 07:05 PM
For a LONG time in my Christian life I had felt a call to the Ministry.
Then after 10 years I became a licensed Minister with the Church of God, a Pentecostal denomination akin to the Assemblies of God.
After 15 years being licensed and seeing all the things associated with Ministry and seeing things behind the scenes in churches, I gave up my Ministerial license to hopefully go do the things I KNEW were good to do.
No more dealing with the perceptions I had. Growing up and dealing with long hidden family secrets that kept pulling me in wrong … (13 comments)

christianity: Christianity and Real Estate ~~~ What happens when you trust God... - 01/18/10 02:29 AM
As many of you might know, I went through a REALLY tough time in the past 8 months.
For 5 months I did not have income that paid my bills. I had to sell my car because I did not have the money to get it fixed. I lived from hand to mouth for all this time, not knowingwhere my next meal would be coming from and livingdependent on the generosity of others. In all this time I never went homeless. I always had a place tosleep.
My faith went through an incredible transformation, though.
God kept whispering in my ear … (30 comments)

christianity: Christianity and Real Estate ~~~~ 1400 members and still going strong!!!!! - 01/02/10 08:49 AM
This is a milestone in our groups history and one I was not sure would come...
We have now over 1400 members in "Christianity and Real Estate", the largest group in ActiveRain for those who are real estate professionals and are Christiansin practice for their lives.
This group started on 01/25/2007, after a prompting from God to me.
I felt ActiveRain needed a group that was a place where real estate professionals who were active Christians couldgo to encourage, build up and pray for each other.
As a result we were attacked almost immeadiately byathiests who screamed "Fair Housing rules" to … (4 comments)

christianity: Christianity and Real Estate ~~~ what our Group is like at Thanksgiving... - 11/25/09 08:21 AM
Oh MY GOODNESS! I could not be MORE filled with thanks than at this very moment. So many of our wonderful members of  "Christianity and Real Estate" have submitted such wonderful posts about being thankful this year.
It is amazing to read each post...and after reading just two of them today, I was left breathless with thankfulness.
Our group is filled with real estate professionals that have Christian values and we are NOT afraid to speak up about them, or about how AWESOMELY GOOD our God and our Messiah Jesus is!
This is not a group that just has warm, feel … (6 comments)

christianity: My ActiveRain post about what this network has done for me and what I have done for others because of it. - 10/30/09 07:51 AM
Back when I started out in ActiveRain, I said to myself,"This is gonna help me grow my real estate business......."
Little did I know what changes this network were going to make in my LIFE, as well as the lives of others in the real estate profession, as well as those interested in real estate.
It started with getting to know the movers and shakers of the network at that time:
Krystal Kraft Lenn Harley Jennifer Allan Jason Crouch Margaret Rome Cheryl Johnson Brad Andersohn Now, we used to have a feature that would show the most popular bloggers by number … (12 comments)

christianity: Chicago Area Real Estate Happenings ~~~ Facts about Chicago.... - 10/20/09 06:49 AM

Here are some interesting facts about Chicago and it's surrounding communities:
The Chicago area is the 26th largest metropolitan areaand has over 9.5 million people across three states. The city of Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the United States of America. Chicago was founded in 1833 right near the great lakes and the Mississippi river. In 2007[update], the city attracted 32.8 million domestic visitors and about 1.15 million foreign visitors. Chicago has a heritage for hosting major international, national, regional, and local events that include commerce, culture, entertainment, politics, and sports. The Second … (9 comments)

christianity: LET THERE BE PEACE ON AR AND LET IT BEGIN WITH ME - 10/20/09 05:50 AM
I saw this post after talking to Hugh.... IT is AWESOME !!!! It also has over 70 comments on it......
I am featuring this in,"Christianity and Real Estate"...... what a GOD we serve!!!
First of all I am by no means pleading innocense.I have made many friends on AR and also have come across situations when I realized that friendship just wasn't going to be in the cards with some folks. I have admittedly been a thorn in the side of AR management for far too long and decided last … (3 comments)

christianity: Christianity and Real Estate...... are you trusting in God...or in "things"? - 10/07/09 01:15 AM
Ever since I joined the ranks of the unemployed, I asked, "Why?".
I had a GREAT job as a server at Red Lobster, only working 20-30 hours per week and taking home up to $700.00 every week. I had a nice running car and it was going to be worth 10 TIMES what I paid for it after I refurbished it. I knew LOTS of great real estate professionals and I was starting to get more referral business from my SOI. Then the storm started:
My car started going on the blink more and more often. I separated with Red … (16 comments)