erie pa: Facebook Followers: 5 Things That Haven't Changed - 10/09/18 07:40 AM
Pamela Cendejas 
Five excellent tips for generating leads from Facebook ads.  Most important: you need to actually use them consistently. 'Once & Done' does NOT WORK.
Facebook Followers: 5 Things That Haven't Changed 5 Simple Ways to Build Your Facebook Followers There's a lot of talk (and concern) about the new Facebook changes and how they will affect your business. Many of us have spent years successfully attracting and connecting with Facebook followers.  One thing I know for sure is that change is inevitable.  A lot of times it's confusing and frustrating.  Something else I know is that 5 things have never changed.

erie pa: Birds, Birds, Birds - 05/14/17 04:39 PM
Living at the edge of the woods, well just a few acres of woods, we see many species of birds year-round, especially during the spring migration.  
Enjoy a few of the migrating birds that visit our backyard: Baltimore Oriole, Rose-breasted Grosbeak and Ruby Throated Humminbird and Red-headed Woodpecker.

 Here are some birds that comes on a regular basis.
Turkeys and more turkeys and soon the babies will arrive. 
Twice a day I fill several feeders in our backyard year-round.  The hummingbird feeders and oranges & cherries are only filled spring & summer.
Here is the most exciting photo . . . baby robin, just … (9 comments)

erie pa: I Had NO CHOICE . . . Fake . . . - 04/04/17 06:41 AM
Okay, Okay . . . Yes, but I Had NO CHOICEOkay, Okay . . . Yes, but I Had NO CHOICE.  Really, really.  I had NO CHOICE.  
I enjoy flowers and Mother Nature wasn't cooperating in Erie PA so I created my own spring reality show.
Mother Nature didn't provide any other alternative so I resorted to planting silk flowers in front of the wagon wheel.  Ingenuity and resourcefulness to the rescue.
It's not much different than FAKE NEWS you might say.  Okay, Okay . . . Yes, but I Had NO CHOICE.  Really, really.  I had NO CHOICE. 
Beauty is in the eye of … (18 comments)

erie pa: It's almost Halloween so Let's Visit the Vampire Crypt - 10/29/16 08:23 AM
Erie Cemetary, Erie, PA
I can vouch that the Vampire Cyrpt does exist.  For years I have heard the stories about the Vampire Crypt in the Erie Cemetary and finally I had the opportunity to tour the Erie Cemetary with the Erie Cemetary Lady and see the Vampire Crypt for myself.
The Erie Cemetary incorporated in 1849 has many lavish mausoleums but the Vampire Crypt stands out because it is fairly sparse.  The name of the crypt is missing but over the door is an ornate symbol that many claim is a 'V' hence the name 'Vampire Crypt'.
Per Caroline's presentation a young high … (6 comments)

erie pa: Sunrise . . . Sunset - 09/05/16 09:47 AM
What better way to begin your day than sunrise on the beach.  
Looking east from Beach 10
Presque Isle State Park
Erie, PA
And end your day on the beach with sunset.
Beach 6 Presque Isle State Park
Erie, PA
Of course my favorite sun rises and sets over Lake Erie unless of course we are vacationing at Mayport Naval Station overlooking the Atlantic Ocean east of Jacksonville, Florida. 
Photo taken from 3rd floor balcony Mayport Navy Lodge
Sweet dreams

erie pa: Family Fun not Work this Labor Day Weekend - 09/05/16 02:44 AM
Beautiful sunny weather with low humidity was perfect for family picnic on Beach 6 at Presque Isle State Park.  (Approximately below the 'P' in Purpose) 
Seven miles of guarded beaches, Pennsylvania's only sea shore, plus 13.5 miles of recreational trail, part of Pennsylvania Seway Trail.  
Several families gathered to celebrate Keagan Yonkers 18th birthday with all the tradional picnic foods & birthday cake made to order by Keagan's aunt, Jenny.
Happy 18th Birthday, Keagan
Make a wish . . .
Lake Erie Sunset

erie pa: Love Affair with Erie Pennsylvania - 09/04/16 03:41 AM
Welcome to Erie Pennsylvania
Presque Isle State Park
Four million visitors a year visit Erie's gem, Presque Isle State Park to enjoy seven miles of sandy beaches, 13.5 miles of walking/biking trails, plus boating, fishing and view some of the most beautiful sunrises & sunsets in the world.
Each summer swimmers of all ages swim 1.2 miles across Presque Isle Bay to the Erie Yacht Club to celebrate the clean bay.  Our granddaughter, now age 15, has participated for past two years.
Beaches at Presque Isle State Park voted BEST fresh water beaches
Celebrating 18th Birthday with special cake!
Birthday wish
 Lake Erie Sunset / Beach 6
Presque Isle State … (15 comments)

erie pa: Yes, It Is Time to Prepare for Lake-Effect Storms - 09/03/16 12:38 AM
Don't delay! Now is the time to prepare for the infamous Lake-Effect snow storms that blow across the Great Lakes.  Most of us who live around the Great Lakes escaped the wrath of Hurricane Hermine but we know what is coming in a few months.  
 Sunrise over my back yard
Both the Farmers Almanac and the Old Farmers Almanac, which my dear Mother bought every year, have predicted a colder than normal winter for the northeast.  Yes, it is time to prepare for lake-effect snow storms.
While I was teaching a real estate class last week Dave was busy cutting & splitting wood … (17 comments)

erie pa: Let's Celebrate Erie - 08/21/16 01:51 AM
Erie, PA has many festivals, mostly from spring to all.  We have a few favorites, the Greek Festival, Discover Presque Isle and Celebrate Erie held the third week of August just before the kids go back to school. 
Chalk walk
Presque Isle Lighthouse at Presque Isle State Park
Erie Zoo
Presque Isle with 7 miles of sandy beach & 15 miles walking, biking trails
Sunrise, North Pier Lighthouse
Sunrise on the beach
Greek Festival @Greek Assumption Church
One of 24 Houseboats on Horseshoe Pond at Presque Isle State Park
Enjoy a cocktail on your own deck
Sunset at Avonia Beach
Winter Sunset viewed from my front porch
And this is where you will find … (22 comments)

erie pa: Have You Registered for Real Estate Classes? Erie, PA - 08/11/16 05:47 AM
Are you ready to begin your new career?
The Real Estate market in Erie PA is hot.  Homes for sale in Erie PA are selling quickly.  Have you been thinking about a career in Real Estate?  Few careers offer the flexibility that a career in Real Estate does.  Few careers have the 'sky is the limit' income potential like a career in Real Estate.
Learn how to get your Pennsylvania Real Estate license.
 Fall is the perfect time to start Real Estate classes.
Real Estate classes are offered in Erie, PA by Alan Kells School of Real Estate.
Fall Classes 
 Practice class August 13, 14 and 20, 21 2016
Fundamentals class September 17, 18 and … (5 comments)

erie pa: tbt: Are You Ready? - 08/11/16 05:38 AM
Yes, it is Thursday all day which means that it's also time for a tbt photo, right?  
I suppose I could really throw the clock back a few years but I thought I would just post an early spring photo to cool things off.  Yes, it has been rather hot even by Erie, PA weather standards.  
Froggy is hanging out in the garage rather than outside this summer.
Have you posted a tbt photo from the past recently?
BTW:  My grandson said he is ready for winter.

erie pa: Summer Critters in Erie PA - 06/06/16 03:30 AM
Why do I live in Erie PA?  Let me show you . . .
Lake Erie & Presque Isle Peninsula 
My favorite place to walk either on the lake side or bay side.
Lake Erie Sunset at Avonia Beach, approx. one mile from my house
Two deer came up our path and crossed road to our neighbor's yard.
Mr. or Mrs. Raccoon is a frequent visitor especially after dark.
During the day squirrels, chipmunks and birds frequent our feeders.
 Early morning visitor, a mink.
Mr. Tom Turkey
 Erie PA, a great place to live and sell real estate
* * *
 Pennsylvania Real Estate Classes
Erie PA
Erie Pennsylvania Real Estate Pre-license Classes:  June … (18 comments)

erie pa: Alzheimer's Association Speakers' Bureau - 03/08/16 06:12 AM
Alzheimer's and dementia affect so many families.  Former president Reagan and his wife, Nancy, introduced America to this disease that robs the individual of their memory and their family.
Not easy to accept, but don't forget to lend a hand, hug a loved one.  Everyone needs your support.
Alzheimer's Association Speakers' Bureau

Today I attended a training session at the Colorado Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. I am preparing to become a member of the team of volunteers that make up the Speaker's Bureau. These folks go out in the community and speak to various organizations, groups and the general public … (14 comments)

erie pa: Wordless Sunday ~ Dreaming of the Beach - 02/27/16 04:32 AM
Okay, it is Sunday morning and I woke up from dream of being on the beach with sunrise over the water.  That is my kind of Sunday morning.
Recently I found this sign in an antique store.  
Yes, we walk on the beach during the winter in Erie PA
But my dream was a warm & sunny beach.
Maybe sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean
Have a wonderful day

erie pa: No Excuses, It's Time to Relax - 02/26/16 10:30 AM
Forget the excuses.  It's time to relax.  Oh, yes, but . . . Yes, but I am busy.  Yes, but I have so many undone things on my to-do list that I can't take time off.
If you are in real estate I bet you have said that many times over.  It seems that there is never enough time for all that needs to be done.
But let me tempt you with reality.  A little time off to relax goes a long way to rejuvenate both your body & your inner spirit.
I learned this early in my career.  I had been working 24/7And … (27 comments)

erie pa: Should You Wait Until Next Year To Buy A Home? - 02/20/16 08:02 PM
Is 2016 a good year to buy a home?  Is 2016 good year to buy investment property.
Take a few minutes to read Nina Hollander very logical post, then make a decision that fits your personal situation.
There is good inventory of homes for sale in Erie PA.
Perhaps you have been considering get your real estate license in 2016.  Let's talk.
Should you buy a home in 2016 or wait until next year? No one can predict with absolute certainty what the real estate market will do either in the short or long term. We already know that 2015 proved to be an excellent … (9 comments)

erie pa: Let's Head for the Woods - 02/12/16 11:41 AM
It might be snowy and a bit on the cold side but let's head for the woods.  
Winter is not for weaklings or ____.  
You can fill in the blanks.  I have always lived in western PA and LOVE all four seasons, even winter.  As kids we played for hours making snowmen, snow angels and building forts.  Today my favorite winter activity is cross country skiing.
 Oh yes, we have friends who have joined the snowbirds who head south like my friend, Snowy.
 Okay maybe a winter's nap in front of the fireplace will be nice, too.
But tomorrow I will be … (13 comments)

erie pa: Which Limb Would You Like? - 07/30/13 03:20 AM
Which Limb Would You Like?
Come, let's escape for an hour.  I know the perfect place.  Come on just walk out the door.  The work will be there when you return. 
Yes, you might be busy, but it is such a beautiful day.  Not too hot, not humid, not windy, just a perfect day. 
Hurry, I am waiting for you.  Which limb would you like?  (See the ladder to left of my signature.)
BONUS: You will be refreshed and ready to get back to work after taking a break.

erie pa: Are You Ready for 2011 Boating Season? - 05/30/11 05:50 AM

Are You Ready for 2011 Boating Season? 

I am ready but US'N TWO is not.

Still so much to do before she goes in the water. 
Any volunteers? 
Presque Isle Yacht Club 

Opening Day ceremony at Presque Isle Yacht Club
Thanks local VFW and Jr. ROTC for participating in Memorial Service

Commodore, Charlie Miller, asked everyone to make amends to the 'Rain-gods' to bring on the sunshine and warm weather for 2011 boating season.  … (17 comments)

erie pa: Way to Go, Hunter! - 05/02/11 07:26 AM
Way to Go, Hunter!
Yesterday was the first indoor football game at Family First Sports Park with many proud parents and grandparents in attendance.  Of course I had to snap a few photos before, during and after the game. 
Congratulations to Hunter's team on winning. 
No, Hunter didn't make a touchdown, but look at the smile on his face during game review.  The coach had just congratulated Hunter on being where he was supposed to be and doing just what his position required and the team cheered for him. (Don't ask me for details.  My son-in-law did … (4 comments)

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