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Orlando Property Manager Dennis Burgess is a residential property manager and licensed Florida Realtor who is currently working with AmeriTeam Property Management in Orlando, FL. In this blog and a few others he authors, Dennis seeks to provide advice and counsel to fellow property managers, Realtors and the general public- as well as offer a bit of perspective on "day in the life"-type things when warranted!



ORRA Leadership Institute:  Day 2 Day 2 of the Orlando Regional Realtors Association (ORRA) Leadership class.  Half-way through the course, and I can say that it's surely a far greater value than one could imagine for the measly $25 the thing costs.  Folks tend to look at courses in one of two wa...
No...the word is no! Where is our Jesse Helms today, conservative Americans?  I haven't been a life-long fan of the late North Carolina senator Jesse Helms.  A number of his words were a testament to his raisin' in a segregated South not unlike that in my Alabama home- and a great deal of his wor...
I'm Dennis Burgess- the best property manager in Orlando.  No- the best property manager in the world! There are a lot of other property managers around here- but none are as good as I am, the best property manager in Orlando.  I even took a poll to confirm it- and yes, 1 out of 1 Dennis Burgesse...
Hi, Steve:  Priveleged to re-blog this post.  The old plumber's analogy comes to mind.  If you're away for a while and open your front door to find 3 feet of water and a gushing noise.  What do you do first- shut off the water main or start mopping?   The choice is both clear and simple, and ever...
I hate strategic defaults....let me say that once again- I hate strategic defaults.  I straddled the fence on this issue for a good bit of time, but no longer.  My mind's now made up.   It's always seemed pretty simple to me- one signs an agreement, one upholds that agreement.  It doesn't matter ...
A guy wearing a cowboy hat.... Once a year, the Orlando Regional Realtor Association (ORRA) conducts a Leadership Institute course- it's a 4-day course designed to provide- you guessed it- leadership training.  It's a required course for folks holding any aspirations for the higher offices of our...
  Dear Mr. Postman...or post-lady..or post-person (whatever y'all are called these days),      It's me, Mailbox #47.  Nobody's been around for about a week- and I'm probably as frustrated as you are about it.  You've been filling me up with stuff that I know my owner doesn't want- 'cause I see t...
Help me prove my broker wrong... Anyone up for it?  Here's the challenge:  my broker isn't a big fan of ActiveRain.  Well, that's really a bit of an understatement- as he more or less hates ActiveRain.  He doesn't have anything against anyone on here personally- and surely isn't opposed to social...
The No Name Pub, Big Pine Key, FL For some strange reason, The Travel Channel likes to spotlight places where folks might like to go.  On one episode, they featured the No Name Pub, Big Pine Key, FL. I guess the show was OK.  I didn't see the danged thing myself- but once the love of my life saw ...
Farewell, Secretary Gates With the confirmation of Leon Panetta as our next Secretary of Defense, the time's come for the president, our military and our nation to offer a hearty Farewell, Secretary Gates.  Dr. Robert Gates has a few days in June remaining, but has come to the end of his tenure a...

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