real estate: Remembering. Dirt roads, mail boxes, toy wagons, wonderful relatives. - 02/11/20 01:33 PM

This picture may bring back old memories of dirt roads, country areas, toy wagons, great relatives who helped with the kids and, in short, the good ole days.
The lady looks too old to have children that young but she is probably baby sitting for a family member.  It really did bring back old memories (not that pleasant) of country living on dirt words with very little traffic and how often families had a little red wagon to do lots of things with.....both work and play.
There does seem to be a mailbox in the background.  The "mail man" came by every day … (8 comments)

real estate: In love again! With two little boys and an old ice box. - 04/24/16 05:58 AM
While listing a house this past week we walked through and I gave my usual speech about how the house needs to be depersonalized.  I tell the owner that folks look at the personal items instead of the house.  And right then....right there....I did it!  I fell in love with the very personal picture of two young boys.  The picture was taken so many years ago that I can't possibly find them but I love them anyway.  Look at the matching (almost) outfits, the socks that match the outfits, and the tender way the picture had to be touched up with … (4 comments)

real estate: From buddies under a tree to a broker team. Valerie Canepa. - 11/15/15 09:15 PM

This picture was a few years back as you can see by the car, the hair styles and the waist top jeans. In fact, the house had wrought iron trim and short windows, also a thing of the past. But I love it because it showed mother and daughter looking like good pals under a huge oak tree that used to have a tire swing for kids to play on.
Flash forward to this picture which we ran as an ad for our now real estate team!  Yes, a team.  Mother and daughter selling real estate together.  I must admit that her … (7 comments)

real estate: Remembering big hogs in a small town. Heard's Sausage. Searcy AR - 08/16/15 11:34 PM
Way back in the 60's Searcy AR had no playground equipment for parents to take kids to play on.
They could drive a distance and visit  a swimming hole called, if I remember right, The Bluff Hole, in Letona AR.  And there were probably some fishing holes where the kids could sit on the bank and throw a fishing pole in.  When my kids visited the city to see grandparents, the grandparents worked hard to try to find entertainment for the children. At times the kids were somewhat critical of the size of the fish.
One of their favorite places to visit was … (7 comments)

real estate: Lightle Dobbins & Lightle, staff and some early REALTORS. - 08/06/15 01:35 AM

Lightle Dobbins & Lightle Insurance and Real Estate agents and staff were found in the 1970 Harding College Petit Jean yearbook.  They were advertising their firm in the back of the book. (The yearbooks are becoming treasures for the advertising alone as time marches on.)
I know several of them.  My first real estate firm, in fact, was the Lightle Dobbins & Lightle firm. It was several years after this photo was made.
My question is regarding the matching outfits!  Why?  Did the ladies dress alike everyday?  Did they do the dress-alike just for this advertising picture?  I trust the Searcy Sleuths can … (35 comments)

real estate: The Rialto, Searcy AR, always had a good movie. - 06/02/15 09:55 AM

This picture of the Rialto in Searcy AR has to bring back of memories.  Look at the dressed up couple going in to see what looks like GI Blues.  The girls are off to the right while the guys fumble in their pockets for the money for tickets. (Wonder how guys afford the price of tickets today and then get popcorn and a coke inside?) 
This picture was in the 1968 Harding Petit Jean yearbook.  Searcy is now trying to raise funds to restore the Rialto.  It is still open and the tickets now are the best bargain in town but … (6 comments)

real estate: Lightle Dobbins & Lightle, old and important name in Searcy AR. - 05/30/15 12:49 AM
How they come flowing back from time to time!  And the name Lightle Dobbins & Lightle has always been an important one in Searcy AR.  When I decided to obtain training regarding real estate (not to be an agent but just to learn) I was contacted by the broker at the firm to consider signing up with them as a real estate agent.  Well, I WAS flattered.  He even came to my house to make the proposal.
So after getting my license I hung it on their wall, continued teaching Art at Searcy High School, and continued learning more about the real … (4 comments)

real estate: 1930 Gallowegian. Yearbook for Galloway College. Chorus group. - 05/03/15 11:08 AM

Fashions come and fashions go and then they come again. 
Look at this choral group taken from the 1930 Gallowegian, a yearbook for Galloway girl's college in Searcy Arkansas.  The dress skirts are up and down and reminds me of the droopy tops and bottoms that are today's fashion.  Hair styles are all basically the same in this they would be in a today's picture.  One thing is interesting and that is the long skirt on the girl in the front row.  Was she the trend setter for new fashion since she dared to be different? 
Definitely the legs are … (2 comments)

real estate: Galloway College. Searcy AR. For 44 years a great girl's school - 04/26/15 10:04 AM
We see lots of pictures of the old Galloway College building in Searcy AR.  It was one impressive building as you can see below.  Galloway was reported to be the finest cultural opportunity college for girls in the country.  The depression in the 30's contributed to its being forced to close in 1933.  It was open from 1889 until 1933. 
I was delighted to receive a gift this week of a Galloway College yearbook.  It is called the Gallowegian and it was given to me by a person who reads my blogs and enjoys some of the historical photos that we … (0 comments)

real estate: Fred Stewart Searcy AR cartoonist remembered. - 03/12/15 10:34 PM

While working on a real estate transaction, I received this book as a gift.  I did not know that Fred Stewart had written a book and was very pleased to receive it.  I have now read it through and looked at all of the cartoons and the book IS a cartoon book with 88 pages.  It shows his talent and makes me wish he was still around.
This is a part of what he says about himself on page two.
"Fred Stewart has been involved in law enforcement since 1964 when he started with the Skokie, Ill. police department.  He … (2 comments)

real estate: There she stood! Rita Fong, Marion AR REALTOR, Activerain friend! - 02/26/15 10:01 AM
I spotted her across the room and I have never seen her before in my life.....except on activerain.  But I felt that I had always known her because of the activerain relationship and the activerain competition for status in Arkansas!  Rita Fong is a bilingual real estate agent and Executive Broker with RE/MAX REAL ESTATE TODAY in Marion, AR.  
We were at Little Rock AR today for the annual awards luncheon for RE/MAX agents in the state.  I ran over to her and she knew me too!  Look at these clasped hands for the picture!

We had a delightful visit talking … (5 comments)

real estate: Searcy AR. High school's first girl's tennis team. 1976. - 02/20/15 09:36 PM
Iced in.  Can't get out to go to work!  What do you do?
Well, for one thing it is lots of fun to look at old yearbooks from the local high school.
That's what I did and it brought back lots of memories of which this picture is a great reminder.

The reason this picture is so special and means so much to me is that my daughter is on the left and this was the ONLY page in the whole yearbook with girl's sports.  There were about 40 pages in the yearbook with boy's sports.  Title IX which … (5 comments)

real estate: May Bus Line Searcy AR. Anyone remember it? - 12/29/14 08:45 PM
Sherry Quattlebaum Person has shared a photo with us that might bring back memories for someone.  She says that the bus ran from Searcy to Rose Bud and Center Hill and Joy.  The only people that she recognized from this group were her mother, Frances Hall (to be) Quattlebaum and Willie Corrine Russell Wooten.  She hopes someone may recognize the rock building that the bus is parked in front of and perhaps know why the group was gathered.  After all, it might have been pretty hard to get a group of bus patrons to stand still and pose.

Now, Sherry … (13 comments)

real estate: Ladies from Searcy AR in evening gowns # 3. Ann Lacy included. - 08/06/14 05:59 AM

I promise.
This is the last one showing Searcy girls (assumed) in evening gowns.  The Searcy Sleuths will surely recognize the draperies in the background and know the location of this group of girls.  Miss Ann Lacy, Searcy School teacher for many years and loved by all her students is in the middle this time, back row with eyes caught closed.   This picture was taken sometime around the 1950's.  Let us know if you recognize any other girls in the picture. 

real estate: The prettiest yard art or flower bed decoration that I have seen! - 07/23/14 04:01 AM

White previewing houses this morning I was SO impressed with one of the properties.  It was absolutely spotless inside and out.  She had a lot of what-we'd-call collectibles both inside and out.
My favorite sight was the flower bed in the back yard.  There these two little bikes were parked.  They must be antiques and I am now wondering if they belonged to her kids when they were little.  I have not seen yard art this impressive before. 
I can just imagine what happens to the yard art if a few little grandkids come visiting.

real estate: Great old car. Nice folks. Posing in Searcy AR. - 07/19/14 10:28 AM

Lots of cars around so it looks a little like a car lot?
It is a fine old picture of Wyndelene and Vernon Duncan (What ole Po Dunk says it is, it is) in front of his very first car lot in Searcy AR.  The little white building was the office and they were having a photo session.  I have posted other pictures made on this day but it is the first time I've noticed this one.  Just to test your memory, let me ask if you remember the location.  Notice a big tall building right beside the smaller one.

real estate: Big hair, miniskirts, and ladies with no first names. - 07/11/14 12:25 AM

What fun it is to look through old newspaper clippings and if you are the same as most of us, you clipped when your picture was in the paper.  I found this one recently.  It was 1973.  Big hair was the style.  Miniskirts were in and I can see the white skirt that probably ends a bit above the knee.
We were members of the Searcy Junior Auxiliary and our entire goal was to help children.  The thing that is probably most interesting about the old pictures, however, was how we had no first names of our own in these … (8 comments)

real estate: Searcy Daily Citizen moves to new location. Historic picture 209 W Arch. - 06/22/14 12:39 AM

The Searcy Daily Citizen has moved and the newspaper has been running the notice of their move for several weeks.  Their new location is 723 W Beebe Capps Expressway beside the RE/MAX Advantage West Branch. 
I found this old clipping that was run when the Citizen last moved.  Forgive the condition because clippings kept in attics don't fare well.  This was run in approximately 1974 when the Citizen moved to the old Volkswagen building on East Race Street.  This editorial, also in poor condition, was also in the attic. 

This old editorial gives the history of the Searcy … (8 comments)

real estate: 401 E Park, Searcy AR, historic house now gone. Just a memory. - 06/08/14 09:46 PM

Here's an old memory.  This advertisement dates back to 1984 when a really good REALTOR, Lill Williams, had this property listed and made it sound like one heckofa deal.  It sold.  And it sold a time or two more.  Here is what it looks like today.

Yep, it's another old historic home that dated back to 1930, had 3824 square feet, 7 bathrooms, and impressive curb appeal.  I wrote a blog once saying that I had heard it was once used as a hospital and got straightened out by Searcy Sleuths that it was never a hospital. … (0 comments)

real estate: Car dealers, Searcy AR. Which one did you buy a car from? - 06/01/14 11:27 AM

Going through a lot of saved clippings, saved by my now deceased mother-in-law Wyndelene Duncan, I found this interesting one.
It shows probably every car dealer in Searcy AR in possibly the 60's.  She failed to put the date on this one other than that someone died on March 16.  It may have been Mrs. Gill.  Look through the list of attendees and see how many you remember.  Dealerships were family owned back then and this one represents a lot of families.
It's a great memory!  Did you buy a car from one of them?

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