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From silent sleepy slumber rise And strew the loamy earth aside, To burst forth new to grow and thrive, What once was dead is now alive!              (R Weisser 2013) An occasional introspection can be therapeutic. In our hectic 24/7 digital world, we often lose sight of what life is really all a...
Do you want to sell your house? Would you like to have a contract for full list price or more in less than a week? Here are three easy steps to ensure that your house is one of those “hot” properties that everyone wants: 1) Price it correctly. In real estate many factors determine price. Location...
As I wrote the umpteenth offer for the same buyer late last night, I offered this observation about our inability to successfully place a house under contract: “Buying a house is becoming more and more like a lottery.” You submit your highest and best bid and take your chances. It’s that simple. ...
In the last four or five years the Principle of Substitution had lost a lot of its impact in Coweta County GA when attempting to evaluated a resale property based on the cost of purchasing a similar new home. After a all, when you can purchase a distressed resale property for up to 50% of the cos...
The caller from out of state said that they could spend up to $300K. After having them chat with a Georgia loan officer, I set up some houses for them to see on their visit. As it turns out, they were surprised that the house that they were looking for was not in the $300,000 price range. What th...
I saunter soft through roiled hues On airy breezes turned askew, To dance amidst the quiet din, In flailing dizzy whirling spins!     (R Weisser 2013) Sometimes you just have to step back and take a breath. It seems that lately the days have spun by leaving little time for rest. Even sleep is oft...
“Well after all it’s a buyer’s market!” When I heard the words from the caller, at first I wanted to give her a good lecture about the realities of today’s real estate market. Fortunately I remained calm and professional and I’m glad that I did. After all, it wasn’t her fault that she wasn’t awar...
With a dearth of real estate inventory in Coweta County Georgia, it’s a great time for sellers to take advantage of the tipped balance of supply over demand. However, while the MLS indicates that there are 785 “available” properties in the county, in fact, there are MANY less. Because some proper...
Did you know that wireless texting has been around since the 19th century? It is an ancient technology by today’s standards, and had nearly faded into obscurity until the reemergence of digital texting. And while texting can be useful for single transmissions, attempting to have an extended conve...
Buyers often want to insert many contingencies in their offer. As a matter of fact, the average offer contains at least two contingencies; inspection and financing. But buyers should always keep in mind that ANY contingency is a seller concession. And sellers’ concessions weaken offers. Many buye...


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