best price: What Agents Know about Buying a Home that Buyers Don't - 12/09/14 03:24 AM
I came across the following post and thought it illustrated well why people should get their own agent when buying a home. The original post was by John G. Johnston, Broker/Owner of John G. Johnston & Associates LLC, an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage in Westcliffe, CO.
This House is worth $499,000

Save Time ~ Save Money 
Spend 5 minutes with an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent
The listing agent’s thinking $650,000.
The Owner’s thinking $599,000.
You’re thinking $550,000.
We’re thinking $490,000.
Maybe you should think about calling us!
Representing People ~ Not Property
If you are thinking about purchasing a home 

best price: 5 Reasons to use an Exclusive Buyer's Agent (EBA) when Buying a Home - 11/13/14 07:29 AM
1. You Become A Client (Not A Customer)
According to the National Association of Realtors, If you work with the seller's agent, you are not a client, you are a customer. "As a customer, a buyer is not represented by [the] agent... the agent cannot negotiate on the buyer's behalf nor reveal to the buyer any confidences of the client, the client is the seller."
If instead, you hire an agent to represent you and your interests, your agent CAN negotiate on your behalf and CAN reveal to you anything they learn about the seller or the home that could benefit you in negotiations, or which … (0 comments)

best price: Agent's "Impressive Ninja Negotiation Skills" Save Home Buyer $25,000 - 11/24/13 09:53 PM
It is with complete enthusiasm that my wife and I recommend Benjamin Clark and Homebuyer Representation, Inc. for anyone's home buying effort!
With an impending retirement from the US Air Force, but not before one final deployment, Ellen and I had a small window of opportunity to buy a home in Salt Lake. Currently residing in Ohio, we knew the search would be complicated by our distance, and the limited amount of time available "on the ground" to look at all reasonable properties and ultimately close. We needed an ally.
Scouring the internet, I learned about "Exclusive Buyer's Agents" and read … (3 comments)

best price: Exclusive Buyer's Agent: The Purest Form of Real Estate Buyer Representation - 09/01/08 01:43 PM
Christopher Cruise writes on
Any licensed real estate agent in the United States can legally act as a "buyer's agent," although not all have experience doing so. You can... engage what's called an "exclusive buyer's agent." This is the purest form of buyer representation...
Every time you buy a home, make sure you get an Agent on YOUR side of the transaction!

If you have excellent credit and will be buying a $250,000-$750,000 home in the next 30-60 days and would like an agent who will work exclusively for you, call us at (801) 969-8989 or contact us via … (0 comments)

best price: Why is Signing a Buyer-Agency Agreement That Important? - 05/07/07 05:02 PM
Our Buyer-Agency Agreement requires us to be legally responsible and accountable to you. A Seller's agent, by law, must work in the best interest of their client, including giving any learned information about the Buyers to the Sellers. This can hurt your bargaining power and cost you money. We work in your best interest. We are obligated to get YOU the best price and the most savings possible. In Utah, if the listing agent tells you she will work with you as your "buyer's agent", you will be asked to sign an agreement limiting your representation. This agreement usually states that the … (3 comments)

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