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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.



Real estate is a service business but most sellers don't know what that means. Some of them think it means we answer the phone or we offer curb-side limo service. When you're a top listing agent in Sacramento like I am, it means looking out for my seller's interests and maximizing my seller's pro...
OK, this is like only the tip of the iceburg of things one can see on a Natural Energy Laboratory Tour in Kona, Hawaii. Ever since we visited the Seahorse Farm last winter, I've wanted to do the NEL tours. We finally got our chance yesterday.It's not just the magic of converting sea water into en...
The person who gets upset and has little right to that emotion when buyers cancel escrow is the buyer's agent. It means the buyer's agent has to hit the streets with the buyer a second time to hunt down, negotiate and put her buyer back into escrow. It can also mean a buyer was not properly couns...
There are staples in your life, things that are to be expected, like the sun coming up, which you often take for granted. Then one day the moon moves in front of the sun and you realize how you can't always count on predictability. You get too comfortable. You don't pay a lot of attention to thin...
For me, there are really two days to fly, and by fly I mean get on an aircraft to travel somewhere that doesn't allow WiFi access. Those two days are either Thursday or Saturday. They seem to be the two slowest days of the week, if there is such a thing as a slow day in Sacramento real estate. As...
This is a home I have listed more than once. At one point, it was a distressed sale, but later the sellers decided to simply hang in there. Then it went on the market for a personal change in circumstances that later did not happen, I don't recall exactly but it might have been relocation, so the...
For many buyers in Natomas, trying to find an affordable home with at least 4 to 5 bedrooms has been difficult during our low inventory crunch. I just searched through MLS in all three ZIPcodes for Natomas, and if you want a home over 2,200 square feet, there are only 12.One of those looks like a...
There are no stupid questions in Sacramento real estate. Well, unless they all are. Because each person is entitled to answers and the ability to ask questions. It's not like people buy and sell a home every day. I don't care how much HGTV they watch or how many Zillow surveys they read -- all of...
For some odd reason, I find that many buyer's agents in Sacramento believe strongly in counter offers. They don't necessarily want to start out the negotiation process with their buyer's stronger offer. They worry that if they show how much they are actually willing to pay, another buyer will use...
Sacramento real estate has been so busy, no time to chase down eclipse glasses. While waiting for the eclipse yesterday, I received only one phone call. From an agent who was writing an offer. She conveniently hung up around 10 AM. Our optimum viewing time for the total solar eclipse in Sacrament...

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