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The last time I checked, our MLS is owned at least 50% by a handful of brokers in Sacramento. You would think that MLS might reach out to its membership through a survey to determine which features are useful or to gather opinions on types of improvements members would like to see, but that idea ...
Honestly, ushering in the New Year of 2019 did not feel quite right. It feels like it should be 2020 and it's not, LOL. Like what is gonna be so great about 2019? If it follows in the same vein as the end of 2018 in Sacramento, it will be a hard market on many real estate agents.Our market always...
Even though I have said it time and time again, that when a fixer home is sold AS IS we are NOT renegotiating, buyers either do not believe me or their memories are short. I hear all of the "stories" going into escrow. The assurances from the buyer's agent that the buyers are serious and seasoned...
During the short sale years of 2005 to 2011, I sold such an astonishing number of homes in Sacramento that if you could name a street, I could probably name a house number. People ask how I could become so familiar with such a wide area of neighborhoods, and the truth is I don't really become acc...
Probably just as riveting as the reality shows featuring New Housewives of Wherever (are there really housewives anywhere in the world today? I mean, really, what a horrible name for a group of women, like caged monkeys), or perhaps, now that I pause, similar to the frenzied women who tear pantie...
When I asked Hella where she wanted to go for dinner on Friday night in Honolulu, she suggested we choose a restaurant at my hotel. That seemed fine with me. So I called the Japanese restaurant at the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel. Did not view the menu or even check out the location. Just knew t...
With the exception of a two-word, 7-letter expression that is pretty much a one-size-fits-all comeback, most of us are not instantly ready to emit a snappy return insult when a complete stranger suddenly lobs a verbal attack in our direction. I'd like to think it's because we are civilized and we...
We have now moved into the part of my vacation which is a vacation from my vacation on Oahu. I had originally planned to spend only four days in Waikiki with Hella to celebrate New Year's. But then my husband told me that Patton Oswalt is scheduled to perform tonight at the Blue Note. Hey, some g...
This topic makes me think about a former and now deceased husband who liked the phrase, if you walk like a duck, talk like a duck, then you are a duck. He was a seminar speaker, one of the early pioneers in real estate. His focus was turning ordinary people into rockstars or at least making these...
Happy New Year to you. Last night, Hella and I made it back to Halekulani with 15 minutes to go until midnight. We had been at the Buddhist Temple up the road to get blessed by a Shinto priest, perform the bell ceremony and pick up our lucky amulets for 2019. Including, of course, our golden frog...

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