north ga real estate homes: HelenGaRealEstateHomes "Superbowl and Real Estate" - 02/07/11 12:31 PM
Everyone in Helen Ga and the rest of the USA have either watched the Superbowl, or heard the outcome and commented on the commercials or game!   Most notable might be the mistake made in OUR National Anthem. Not knowing the words was a big mistake.  Not practicing was a big mistake.  Preparation is the name of the game here isn't it?  How does this relate to real estate?  When you are searching for a house you want someone helping you who is prepared.  Someone who knows the homes, someone who has practiced (experienced).   You also have to be free with your information when planning your … (3 comments)

north ga real estate homes: HelenGaRealEstateHomes "Wishing you a Happy New Year" - 12/31/10 02:36 AM
Where will you spend New Years Eve?  Let me know where you are going!!  I think people still prefer to go out, but many of you may prefer to stay home.  I would like to hear from some of you about this..
Just remember, a designated driver needs to be available unless you plan to NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!
Take care and don't forget to have your greens and blackeyed peas tomorrow.  Anyone having greek food? 
Anyone making New Years Resolutions?  I hope one of them is to come to Helen and Northeast Georgia more often in 2011!!!  Think about buying … (4 comments)

north ga real estate homes: HelenGaRealEstateHomes "Wildlife Sighting" - 06/03/10 01:28 AM
Northeast Georgia, Sautee, Helen are areas I have traveled for my 20 years of living here.  I live in a rural area, and I love being able to watch the deer and some of the other wildlife from my house.  Part of being in this area is the appreciation of nature, I think.  I have fed the birds and squirrels until lately when we have had some very brazen Racoons visit.  Since I also have pets I am now more careful.  One the pets love to give chase to the birds and squirrels, so I don't want to set traps for … (2 comments)

north ga real estate homes: Helen Ga Real Estate "Last Chance" - 04/27/10 11:12 PM
Last Chance to buy a home, a second home, a vacation cabin, a golf course home, a river home, a dream home in north east Georgia in general and Helen Ga specifically and get THE TAX CREDIT!!  You MUST have an accepted Purchase and Sales Agreement executedby April 30th, that is just a matter of hours.  If you have been looking and can make a decision, take advantage of this Tax Credit.  I have not heard any chatter of an extension of time.  You must also be able to close your purchase by June 30th.  Don't let this chance get away.  Rates … (4 comments)

north ga real estate homes: Helen Ga Real Estate "Homes in the area" - 04/15/10 01:17 PM
Are you a Helen Ga, or northeast Georgia fan?  Do you try to visit as often as possible to get away to a better, slower place in time?  Do you enjoy getting lost in the northeast Georgia mountains at least 6 times a year?  Do you think you would love to have a place here, and think you would not use it enough?
How about considering a duplex or cabin in this area?  Are you afraid you would not visit enough?  Do you think you might want to put it on a rental program and use it when you can come?  … (0 comments)

north ga real estate homes: Helen Ga Real Estate "April in Helen" - 04/01/10 01:33 AM
April 1st is typically known for jokes, but today dawned bright, crisp and clear. A day of new beginnings.  Are you thinking about moving?  Do you really want an investment?  Are you thinking about taxes?  Helen, and Northeast Georgia offer some good opportunities, rental investments, second homes, cabins in the woods, properties suitable for a vineyard and tasting room business.  Do you want a home which has all the upgrades, and eleveator and climate controlled 3 car garage?  We have that too.  Want a home on 85 plus acres, private?  Yes, from castles to cabins, we have that!  Just call me and … (1 comments)

north ga real estate homes: Helen Ga Real Estate "Weather Wizards Wrong?" - 02/16/10 07:40 AM
Well, are the Weather Wizards Wrong?  Yes, I guess they are,  however I did see almost 10 snowflakes this morning about 1 AM, near Helen.  And at about 9 AM I saw at least 20 more near spaghetti junction! Seriously I love to consider them wrong and often say they fall in the same category as fortune tellers, they do hit it right some of the time.  I like it when they are right because I do listen to them.  If they hit it on the head and we have more snow this coming weekend, it will be great for Helen.  … (0 comments)

north ga real estate homes: Helen GA Real Estate "You are Way Out of Atlanta" - 10/12/09 01:05 PM
Come on to Helen, Ga, you are way out of Atlanta, and it is your way out of Atlanta!  Yes, it is raining, but you can bring your umbrella and enjoy!  The leaves are changing, but not yet at their best.  With the hard rains we are having many leaves fall before they should for optimum color.  However, I have never seen an ugly autumn here!!  Come on up and enjoy an uncommon weekend!  Think about it, can you move yet?    If you can, now is a great time to buy!  Give me a call, perhaps you can talk with a … (0 comments)

north ga real estate homes: Helen Ga Real Estate "Watching the Rain" - 09/26/09 01:56 AM
Update on Helen Ga weather is Rain!  Already saturated, the rain is soaking in northeast Georgia and swelling the rivers, creeks and streams.  Again, as you all know, caution in driving is urged.  Even though you can see the road under the water, if there is water covering the top of the road, don't try to cross.  Better to turn around and go back, lose a little time and be safe.  What will all this rain do to the prospect of a colorful fall?  We really don't know right now.  It can make for a beautiful color, if it does not … (2 comments)

north ga real estate homes: Helen Ga Real Estate "Foreclosures might NOT be your best buy" - 07/07/09 01:42 AM
That is right!  You are a buyer and you want to buy a F O R E C L O S U R E...only a foreclosure!  Why? Because you have seen on TV all the coverage and the great buys you get now IF you buy a foreclosure.  So you spend your time surfing the net, looking, looking, looking for foreclosures.  Once you find that foreclosure you think you might get for 10cents on the dollar, you call your Realtor.  OR, if you are a do it yourselfer, you decide to follow through yourself.  How does this … (0 comments)

north ga real estate homes: HelenGeorgiaRealEstate "Service" - 06/15/09 02:04 AM
Service is a defining word.  What makes good service?  Depends doesn't it.  In real estate service equals results in the minds of most.  Service is truly better if it produces good results, but sometimes it does not.  A service can be refusing a listing, believe it or not.  It is a service to the seller in that you have been honest about value and more than likely, they will come to see the truth in your opinion sooner or later.  Service can be trying to help above and beyond selling a home.  Finding the right "fit" when it comes to the … (0 comments)

north ga real estate homes: Helen Ga Real Estate "Sometimes Buyers Don't Buy" - 06/05/09 03:44 AM
Correct, sometimes buyers to our area don't buy!  That is when you wonder why.  I guess northeast Georgia is not for everyone, thank goodness, or we would lose our charm and our country feel!  But being a real estate agent, when they don't buy it is more difficult to remain objective.   Finding the perfect match for the buyer is not easy, but once found and the decision is made to purchase, what happens when it all falls apart?  Well for one thing, the fun of looking is done!  No more riding around looking at homes and arguing about which is best.  … (0 comments)

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