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  Yesterday, Gary Woltal posted a beautiful blog "We are the Children of ActiveRain"  If you didn't get a chance to enjoy it, you should >> http://activerain.com/blogsview/895692/We-Are-The-Children-Of-Active-Rain.  (Thanks, Gary!) In that post, Gary imbedded the video of the "We Are The World" r...
I love great quotations. In fact I have dozens on a separate page on my website and add more regularly. There is NO end to the wisdom that comes from the mouths of famous, infamous and not-at-all famous alike. Here are some of my favourite "Funny, but oh so true" quotes: "Don't put eggs under de...
I was just reading Chris and Karen Highland's post from a few minutes ago with their excellent Top Ten Reads and thought that I would share mine.  You can find Chris and Karen's post here: http://activerain.com/blogsview/894977/Top-Ten-Books RICK'S TOP 10 (Excluding: "The Millionaire Real Estate ...
As Barak Obama takes his oath of office this morning, the world is watching.  Being Canadian, but having lived my formative years growing up outside of Detroit in the turbulent 1960's, I realize that when the US elects their President, they elect the Leader of the "free" world.  He, (or maybe soo...
Watching this video is one of the most powerful and inspirational 2 minutes and 39 seconds I have ever spent. It was sent to me this morning from a fellow agent and is truly uplifting!  (Fair warning: you may need the kleenex box)     http://www.guzer.com/videos/are-you-going-to-finish-strong.php...
The United States of America has certainly a lot over the past 40 years!  Tomorrow will be a continuation of that change - congratulations and enjoy! I was a child living just outside of Detroit when Martin Luther King was assasinated and the lived through the Detroit riots - that terrible, scary...
Her daughter called first thing in the morning.  Mrs. B. had just turned 82 before the Christmas holidays.  I remember the first day I met her just a couple of months ago.  Sweet, gentle, soft-spoken.  With great pride, Mrs. B. showed me her home of 25 years.  With even greater pride, she showed ...
Not counting scripture or religious texts, this one book has done more to change and improve my life than any other book that I have read in my 50 years on this planet. Since I first read it 4 years ago, I have given dozens of copies to others as I have found someone facing a difficult challenge...
Join the "Book It Forward" group on AR! Book It Forward is the coming together of several aspects of my life that collided in the summer of 2008.  1) I have always loved the movie and the concept of "Pay It Forward".   2) I read constantly, but rarely reread a book (there are new and wonderful bo...

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