Once upon a time there was a thriving upscale hair salon. Businessmen, business women, and society people from all over came to have their hair styled and cut. But then a big chain of discount hair cutters came into town. They advertised $5 haircuts. Their signs were everywhere. They had bill boa...
Live Radio: Please listen in this Sunday 12 noon!  Sunday November 26th 12noon Radio Show Call In 410-922-6680 or listen  East coast time! I am,again, going to be hosting a radio show " All About Real Estate", Sunday at noon! I invite the Active Rain members to listen in and ...
What do you do when life piles on? When every way you turn it's one challenge after another, and you never seem to get caught up? My answer is to walk away for a few hours and "recharge my batteries." That's just what I did a couple of days ago.And what a fabulous day it was, spent with one of th...
Let me tell you about my second transaction many years ago. A friend of mine had a small home she needed to sell and had already tried the do-it-yourself route. She ran ads in the paper and put up flyers in her neighborhood, but no one had been to look at it. This was back in the dark ages before...
When does a business lunch become an afternoon with new friends? For Lee and for me, it was when Jay Burnham, a special CyberStar® and Coldwell Banker Realtor®, learned we would be in Boston. As soon as he heard we were coming to his area for a few days each week, Jay contacted me and asked what ...
AR Members Invited to Call In Sunday 12noon Sunday Novembe 5th 12noon Radio Show Call In 410-922-6680 or listen  East coast time!An Invitation to AR members to call Sunday November 5th  at NOON 410-922-6680 I am,again, going to be hosting a radio show " All About Real Estate"...
Active Rain has 5000 Real Estate Agents!It was July 18th when I posted that Active Rain hit 1000 agents. It seemed like a lot  of activity in such a short time.  August 14, we hit 2000. Then on September 2006 up to 3000 agents. And here it is November 1, 2006, not quite 2 months later, and we hav...

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