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An investment property is a valuable asset, so you should not trust the care of that asset to just anyone. Taking the time to research and locate the right Property Manager can save you time, money and a few hundred headaches down the road. Investors Choice Property Management (ICPM) is dedicated to setting an example for our peers in the industry. Experience Property Management The Way It Should Be.



We did it again. For the.....(pause while counting).....let's say "umpteenth" time, we managed to secure a fantastic applicant on one of our homes, even though ours was one of a dozen homes these people were calling on and we were NOT the cheapest rental. How did we get the applicant over our com...
We caught another clone-scammer today. They had stolen one of our digital photos posted on Craigslist and duplicated our ad. 2 people reported getting responses back from what they thought was a landlord, asking them to send an application and "good faith" deposit. It is amazing how many cheats t...
Has anyone else heard about this? The Franchise Tax Board has decided to revise a tax law effective 1/2009 making it a property manager's responsibility to collect and remit 7% of rents collected out-of-state landlords. While there is some ambiguity in the explanation of the law as it pertains to...
We have a small Sacramento-based management company serving the greater Sacramento region. I have been a property manager for over 16 years now (I started at 24, and am told 41 is young in property manager years). I love the variation that every day brings. New challenges, new laws to work with e...
As a small, service based property management company serving the greater Sacramento area, we are always mindful of our clients' wishes, except to the extent when a client's wishes are in conflict with anti-discrimination laws. Frankly, I am surprised just how often the question comes up, so we'l...
As a property management company, we work with people facing foreclosure to find suitable rentals they can qualify for. This used to provide us with a steady stream of recently foreclosed applicants looking for good quality rental homes. Lately, the supply of these applicants appears to have dwin...
Fellow ActiveRain neighbors- This one is just for my own sanity, as it helps to list the things that slowly drive us just a little closer to crazy over the years. Maybe you can identify with one or more of these beauties, offered purely in jest (with a healthy dash of reality): 1. Reminding the p...
Investors Choice Property Management (ICPM) is a small, serviced-based management company serving the greater Sacramento area, as well as Lincoln, Auburn, Natomas, Folsom and Elk Grove. Our business is almost entirely word-of-mouth referral and all properties are personally managed by a Broker th...
As Broker of a small, service-based property management company serving the greater Sacramento area, I have the occasion to come into contact with investors from all walks of life. Recently during a meeting with some new clients in Lincoln, I was asked a few questions about the market in general,...

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