rental trends: Predictions for the Rental Market Heading into Fall 2009 - 08/19/09 09:47 AM
It has been an eventful year of foreclosures and short-sales, but don't start thinking we are out of the woods yet. The government's moratorium on foreclosures is due to lift August 31, 2009. As a small property management company that can often rent to people facing foreclosure, we are looking forward to what we think will be a brief respite from government intervention in our market. No one can say for certain, but I'll venture to speculate on the immediate future of our rental market-
It is going to get a little better in short order as the banks rush to … (2 comments)

rental trends: Landlord's Learning Center- Know The Rental Trends Before Investing~ - 02/05/09 11:48 AM
As Broker of a small, service-based property management company serving the greater Sacramento area, I have the occasion to come into contact with investors from all walks of life. Recently during a meeting with some new clients in Lincoln, I was asked a few questions about the market in general, as well as current rental market conditions and trends affecting our area. Here are a few points worth mentioning:
1. The rental market is somewhat flat, with plenty of inventory in most areas, especially where the most new construction occurred during the last 12 years (Roseville, Folsom, Natomas, Elk Grove).There … (6 comments)

rental trends: Landlord's Learning Center- Aggressive Pricing is the Key to Success in a Saturated Rental Market - 01/31/09 10:02 AM
As a small, service-based property manager serving the greater Sacramento region, we find it necessary to keep up with the latest rental trends. Each quarter, we compile a detailed housing survey where we compare the asking prices of 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes, duplexes and condominiums.
With data compiled from the local newspaper, as well as online resources (Craigslist, for example), we are able to capture a picture of the current rental market. Our latest survey shows a noticeable increase in vacant rental inventories in most areas, especially Elk Grove, Natomas, Roseville and Folsom. Furthermore, rental prices appear to … (0 comments)

rental trends: Where Have All The Renters Gone? - 01/26/09 07:44 AM
Having been in property management since 1992, I have seen up and down markets, but never anything quite like this. Normally we see solid rental activity during a prolonged period of stagnant sales, yet inventory of vacant properties remains fairly high, while rents are flat or even sagging. I suspect more and more people are tightening the belt, moving in with family to save money while the economy works itself out.We have taken the position of getting much more aggressive on rental pricing, to attract whatever qualified renters we can during this tough market.
If you or someone you know … (8 comments)

rental trends: Landlord's Learning Center- New Laws affecting Landlords in 2009 - 12/18/08 10:59 AM
As Broker of a small, service based property management company serving Landlords in the greater Sacramento area, we do our best to stay at the top of the learning curve.
I recently attended a class offered through a professional organization called NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers). While much of the material covered we found to be derivative of previous legal classes attended, we always come away with at least a few valuable pieces of information. I was happy to see many of my peers in the industry in attendance, though being "sardined" into a room designed for 40 occupants … (4 comments)

rental trends: Landlord's Learning Center- Who Pays What Utilities? Keeping up With Current Rental Trends - 11/05/08 09:17 AM
Ok, you've found a good tenant with the credit, income and history requirements all met. Now its time to sit down and enter into a lease agreement. As Sacramento area property managers, a common question we get from both tenants and landlords is regarding the utilities. Who pays for what?
In the greater Sacramento area, is it customary for tenants to pay for gas electricity and phone. However, most landlords pay for the water, sewer and garbage. This custom can very from county to county. In some areas, utility companies for water will acknowledge a tenant as a responsible party, but … (8 comments)

rental trends: Where to Buy? Another Important Question is What to Buy! - 10/29/08 11:54 AM
The answer: A single family home or duplex. While inventory of apartments and condominiums continues to be a problem for the rental market in that there are many to choose from, the same cannot be said of the single family home.
As property managers, the feedback we are getting from renters is practically unanimous- Give them a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom with a yard and garage. The supply of available vacant homes is not as high as one might expect, given that most banks are not choosing to rent out their REO's. Over time, as the market bottoms out and investors … (0 comments)

rental trends: Landlord's Learning Center: Tips for Finding the Right Property Manager in Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom... - 10/25/08 04:36 AM
Landlord's have many different ways of locating a property manager for their rental unit, so here are  few good tips if you are in the market to find a property manager. Feel free to ask any questions and check back periodically for more helpful property management advice:
1. Decide what kind of management style you prefer, up front. There are small, service based companies with 100 units or less, medium sized ones at 250-500 units, and giant ones with 1000 units or more.
2. Make your decision based on your own research, not on the amount of advertising dollars spent by … (0 comments)

rental trends: Anyone Have A Crystal Ball to Tell Us Where is the Bottom of the Real Estate Market in Northern CA? - 10/24/08 10:52 AM
The answer? You don't need one. If we are not at the bottom, it sure feels like we are getting close. Granted, we have not seen the dreaded "next wave" of foreclosures that every media outlet is reporting could come at any time, but I have noticed more investors testing the water, wondering if it is a good time to jump in.
Having been in Property Management since 1992, I have seen the ups and downs, and have kicked myself more than once for holding out too long when I should have bought. Prices for investment properties are great now, … (6 comments)

rental trends: Land of Many Condos~ Current Rental Trends in Sacramento - 08/10/08 04:09 AM
It is no mystery that inventory is up all over town, particularly when we look at condos and apartments. We have noticed a push toward renting homes, and have had much success in getting higher rents for 3 and 4 bedroom homes in almost every area. We believe the foreclosure market is the likely culprit, as it has been keeping the inventory of available homes lower than it would normally be, as Bank-owned properties remain off the market.
We have been approached by a bank to manage their REO's, a first for us. I suppose the banks are tired of having … (2 comments)

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