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Bob's Blog is a continuing series of building technology half page or longer articles for Real Estate Professionals, as well as home buyers and home sellers. Information is presented from an experienced construction professional and residential inspector.



How Does A Flipper Like Their Eggs.....................................................The Lazy Flipper's Fridge  Have you heard of this one ?; How does a flipper like his fried eggs.....................I don't know, but you can bet they're not sunny side up! And - What does a flpper keep in his ...
You Might Be A Vampire If…………You’re Worried About Radio Activity. I recently got this warning via an acquaintance on facebook It came with the link below, which takes you to a site inviting you to a seminar/meeting on the subject.                                             Hydro Qc Installing Sm...
KABOOM. Nanny, Family, 2 Small Children Die in Fire. Cause Said To Be Electrical!  That may be the way the headline would read, but fortunately it has not happened. But conditions are prime for it and the risk level is high. The grey 'snow' layer covering everything under this house is laundry li...
Was it snowing on 10th Street today? Tool kit - check, Car brush - check, Ladder - check, Snowshoes - check                 This was todays job, at a lull in the wind,       and this is how I dealt with it. So, yes it was snowing. It was what a New Englander would call a sou'wester: gusting, drif...
Look at the last photo in this blog. You don't have to know a thing about electricity to know that it's perfect and state of the art, SAFE. If you've been told you've got panel issuses you should read this article. Change your panel, Change your life. Wenatchee and Chelan Home Inspection Services...
  The Elephant In The Room - Stringer Strangeness / Stringer Stress: Whats WRONG Here? This is under the basement stairs of a nice looking home less than 2 years old.   There are a few things wrong in this photo.   Can you spot all five structural defects? Here are a few hints;  1 - The riser of ...
  "Every breath you take"...Is It A Red Flag?   No "Every breath you take" is the songs' refrain (POLICE/Sting). Every breath you expel does add humidity to your homes interior, but that's normal, no red flags for that.  But... Seeing a laundry drying rack like the one in the photo Is a big RED F...
Have You Got The 'New House plumbing Blues'? or What's wrong in this picture.?  A Plumbing Puzzler. Everything is clean and new and dry, no leaks. It's a new house, less than 2 years old, being sold by the builder owner. He (or his plumber) would get 3 out of 4 on this issue because of the 4 sink...

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