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My blog is filled with Frisco Texas Mortgage News, Texas Real Estate Tips, and Local Events in Frisco and surrounding areas. I've even thrown in some Random Thoughts and information about myself so you get to know me better. Feel free to browse around and see why you should live in Frisco Texas.



If you are a home stager in DFW, please read the below.  The information was provided by Karen Otto.ATTENTION:  Home Stagers in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area I would like to put this out there for anyone interested in attending an informal gathering to discuss the potential of forming a DFW RESA Ch...
Earlier today I completed Webinar #5 of 9 with Coach Katerina Gasset.  These webinars are called "SEO TO THE TOP".  For the past 5 Wednesdays, a groups of us have gotten together for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours to learn about SEO.  For those that are unsure, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  ...
By now you have probably read or have written a post about the $8000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit (Economic Stimulus Package) available to Frisco Texas Home Owners.  I wanted to take some time to provide some common questions and answers about this Tax Credit.  You probably want to read this ...
Thinking about going to the zoo?  You should know this about the Fort Worth Zoo - Ranked #5 Best Zoo in the Country.  Thanks for sharing this great information Angellia Garcia.  Thought I'd share this with our local agents and homeowners. I just heard the great news.  In honor of their recognitio...
Donna has held a few of these classes and I've heard its quite informative.  I'll be attending one of the below classes and welcome you to come as well.Back by popular demand are two more opportunities for coming to my class.  I'll be teaching a TREC approved MCE class on March 3 from 1pm-3pm and...
Yes, the television commercials tell you that it is possible to become a millionaire with little time and effort.  In reality, those who become rich and successful do so because they work hard.  You will not be successful if you do not give you vocation an all-out effort. Want to know the most im...
Its been all over the news. By now, Im sure you heard something about it.  The original push, specifically for Real Estate, was for a First Time Homebuyer to receive a tax credit of $15,000.  That amount has been reduced to $8,000. The House and Senate have reviewed the plans and made some minor ...
BEWARE: There could be dangerous twins in your area. They are called Fear and Greed! Although these twins do not always hang out together, you will often hear about how they destroy one thing or another. It's not their fault. They were left on their own as children and had to learn about the toug...
Today's plan was to meet up with a local agant and co-host an open house.  The reason I was co-hosting is because the agent wanted to hold two open houses.  Each open house would have someone assisting and the agent would probably travel back and forth to see how things were going. Unfortunately,...
For those of you that do not know my buddy Erik Hitzelberger out in Kentucky, please take a moment to check out his new business.  He is welcoming any and all that apply.  Depending on the turnout, he may need some volunteers to assist him.  Personally, Im going for the grand opening whether he n...

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