Having been the Chair of the NARPM  Government Affairs Committee during 2007, I had an opportunity to write the "Legislative Scoop" article in the NARPM monthly magazine, "Residential Resource".   I wrote the following article that was published in the November 07 issue.   I would like to share i...
HI!  Having been "MeMe'd" I was first impressed that I should just back out of this "wonderful" opportunity, but thinking more on it, I thought, why not be a good sport and enter five things about myself in a blog as requested.   So, here goes.My wife of fifty-one years and I live in Kailua Hawai...
Here we are in Hawaii trying to get a train system going while trains in areas more populous than ours are failing and being discontinued and after the governments lose millions and millions of taxpayer dollars.   It is really a challenge to try to understand why our genius city council in Honolu...
I work with an organization, Malama O Kamali'i Makamae, that has asked that I put the following information my my blog in Active Rain for your information.   We work to help kids like these.    "Malama O Kamali`i Makamae (Protect and Honor Our Precious Children), a nonprofit organization, was org...
Gold!  Property Management!   Our Property Management business is growing like crazy.   People are holding properties when they can't sell them for the price they expect, and when they do, we get inventory in the rental sector.   This will soon start to drive down rental prices, and then people w...

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