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One of the more visible parts of a deck is the guard rails. Guardrails are required for any point on the deck 30 inches or greater from grade level. I am not going to debate the good sense aspect of the 30 inch requirement, 29½ inches is along way to fall when you're not expecting it. I want to d...
One of the benefits of being an inspector is some of the beautiful views I get to see. This vista is from a roof top patio over looking the Norwalk River in Connecticut. It was a bright afternoon made for lingering just a little longer in the warm sun. With a view like that could you blame me?   ...
You kind of have to be thankful for indoor plumbing. Can you imagine having to go out side to the little shack in the back yard every time you had to do your business? Everyone has I'm sure had to use something similar at a park or an event. The worst part has to be having to see all that stuff j...
Peeling is for bananas, but not for paint. Peeling exterior paint is all too common a find during home inspections here in Connecticut. Take for example this dormer, one of three on this side of the home. In total this home had five, all with peeling paint and wood decay. The problem began before...
James Quarello2010 SNEC-ASHI PresidentNRSB #8SS0022JRV Home Inspection Services, LLC To find out more about our other high tech services click on the links below: Learn more about our Infrared Thermal Imaging & Diagnostics services. Learn more about our home energy audits, the Home Energy Tune u...
As part of every home inspection I perform in Connecticut, no matter what county I'm in New Haven, Harford or Fairfield, I like to look at the factory data plates on appliances. One thing I notice with most manufacturers is that the information or more specifically the date codes are becoming eas...
Something that I try and keep in mind as a Connecticut home inspector is that houses and the ways of building them have changed over the years. What was perfectly acceptable or perhaps never thought to be a problem, say 50 years ago, is today no longer a suitable method of construction. One parti...
A few days ago I wrote a piece entitled Is All Mold Testing Necessary. My aim was to  give an unbiased look at mold testing and its sometimes perceived necessity. One point of mine is if mold is visible there becomes no need to test it, but to simply remedy the cause and clean up the mold. Anothe...
I've heard it said everyone needs a good cry once in a while. Well I don't think that's true personally, I do know that if your brick wall can't weep it could be a problem. Masonry walls need drainage or weep holes along the base or water can accumulate in between the brick and house sheathing. C...
No, no, not that kind of flashers gutter brain. Roof flashers or roofers who put flashings on stuff that pokes through the roof like this chimney. What a fine example of how not to flash a chimney. Man do I wish I owned stock in roofing tar and caulk. I'd be rich contractors use the stuff so much...

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